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Call for new PCC Identity Management Advisory Committee members

  • 1.  Call for new PCC Identity Management Advisory Committee members

    Posted Jul 19, 2022 11:08 AM

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    Call for new PCC Identity Management Advisory Committee members

    The newly-approved PCC Identity Management Advisory Committee (IMAC) was launched by the Policy Committee earlier this month and is now looking for new members: https://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/documents/Identity-Management-Advisory-Committee-Charge.pdf.


    As many of you may know, the latest two PCC Strategic Directions documents (2015-2017 SD3 and 2018-2022 SD4) have called for leading a shift from text string based authority work, largely applicable within the library realm, to minting identifiers and managing identities, serving numerous new purposes and done in collaboration with new partners.

    The PCC Task Group on Identity Management in NACO since its establishment in March 2016 has pursued these goals through education, presentations, a published article, identification of issues plus resolutions to these challenges, and pilots to explore the feasibility of working in different registries.  As the most recent Strategic Directions document exhorted, the PCC needs to "Accelerate the movement toward ubiquitous identifier creation and identity management at the network level."  To better reflect the longer-term nature of the work and energies involved in this paradigm shift, as well as the significant PCC focus on identity management work, the Identity Management Advisory Committee (IMAC) was formed in June 2022.  

    If you are interested in joining IMAC and contributing to its work, please let John Riemer jriemer@library.ucla.edu or Jennifer Liss jaliss@indiana.edu know by August 1, 2022, by sending your name and a few sentences about your interest and experience.  

    Those who are not currently PCC members or who have experience with ISNI, Wikidata, ORCID, or other registries are strongly encouraged to volunteer. 

    Thank you.

    On behalf of PCC IMAC

    Hayley Moreno

    Heylicken Moreno
    Database Specialist