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The mission of the New Members Round Table (NMRT) is to help those who have been association members less than ten years become actively involved in the association and the profession.

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Nominating Committee 

Mar 11, 2016 09:12 AM

Committee Charge

As outlined in the NMRT Bylaws, the NMRT Nominating Committee will "prepare for an election held in odd numbered years, a slate for Vice-President, Secretary, and two Directors," and "In even numbered years a slate for Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Directors." Additionally, the committee will hold a Candidate Forum for the candidates to express their statements of concerns as well as allow members to ask each candidate questions. This forum will be held online prior to the open election period as determined by ALA.

History of the Committee

  • Introduction of an online candidate forum in 2003

  • Reintroduction of an in-person forum at Midwinter in 2004

  • Committee charge was last updated and approved at Midwinter 2003 Board meeting

  • Discontinuance of in-person forum at Midwinter in 2009

  • Introduction of a Candidate Video 2011

  • Introduction of Candidate Q&A Blog entry as the Forum in 2015

Committee Composition and Terms of Office

  • Chair (one year term-appointed by the incoming NMRT President)

  • Committee members (one year terms). The bylaws require a total of at least three members on the committee.

Committee Purpose

To complete the nomination and ballot preparation process for NMRT. The committee is also responsible for providing information on candidates and the election to NMRT membership.

Major Responsibilities

  • Solicit input and nominations from NMRT membership.

  • Provide candidates with information on each office such as responsibilities, expectations, and other pertinent information.

  • Confirm intent to run and eligibility of each potential candidate for presenting the slate for board's approval.

  • Request board meeting to approve the slate of candidates before ALA ballot deadline.

  • Provide candidates with all the necessary paperwork and requirements for the ballot, forums and any other projects that help disseminate information on the candidates and election.

  • Conduct and complete an on-line candidate forum before election begins.

  • Disseminate voting information including the ALA cut-off date for voting eligibility.

  • Provide candidates with guidelines for candidate video

  • Advertise candidate videos to membership

Procedures Used to Accomplish Major Responsibilities

  • To solicit input from NMRT officers, committee chairs, and liaisons, send emails via the NMRT-BD listserv (through the NMRT secretary).

  • To solicit input and nominations from NMRT members, place announcements in Footnotes and on the NMRT blog and send emails to the NMRT-L listserv (through the NMRT secretary).

  • Contact those recommended for office to see if they are willing to run and to secure biographical information.

  • Secure election and ballot guidelines and deadlines from the ALA Staff Liaison.

  • Post the notice about the online forum and candidate videos via e-mail, NMRT-L, NMRT Social Media outlets, and/or Footnotes (if possible).

Contact People for Accomplishing Committee Objective

  • NMRT President

  • NMRT Past President

  • NMRT Staff Liaison

  • NMRT Vice-President

  • NMRT Web Committee Liaison

Reminders and Helpful Hints

The committee requires lots of document preparation and revision. It is recommended that the committee contact the ALA Liaison for a full schedule of due dates for ALA required documentation for this committee (the ballot, etc...) by November. Frequent updating of the NMRT Nominating webpage is required. Telephone calls are likely to be necessary. Past Chairs of this committee strongly recommend continued use of the NMRTNominations@gmail.com email address for communication from this committee.

Reports and Dates for Submitting Reports

  • Fall: Planning report

  • Midwinter: Progress report

  • Annual Conference: Final report with revised committee handbook entry and other committee working documents.

Timetable of Activities


  • Review files from previous years. Become familiar with NMRT Handbook and NMRT Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Establish contact with NMRT Staff Liaison and committee members.

  • Set the deadline for nominations; consider October 1 as the latest possible date.

  • Begin to solicit ideas for candidates from committee members and Executive Board, particularly Past-President.

  • Submit call for candidates Footnotes (by emailing the editor; deadline usually at the end of July).

  • Submit call for candidates to NMRT-L / blog / social media (via publicity update form)


  • As nominees are received, contact the nominee to ask if they accept the nomination and inform them of the obligations of the office they are nominated for and the requirements of the election process. These include providing ALA with a biographical statement through the ALA online ballot biographical information system by a specified date and participating in the Online Candidate Forum.

  • Provide each nominee with the Q&A questions that they need to answer prior to approval by the NMRT board. Deadline: Sept 24.


  • As nominees are received, contact the nominee to ask if they accept the nomination and inform them of the obligations of the office they are nominated for and the requirements of the election process. These include providing ALA with a biographical statement through the ALA online ballot biographical information system by a specified date and participating in the Online Candidate Forum.

  • When we know our web committee liaisons, update the committee roster and other information on the ALA website

  • When the NMRT VP calls for committee planning reports, submit our committee planning report.

  • When NMRT committees chair email list goes out, email NMRT committee chairs to solicit nominees.

  • By Sept 24, finalize list of nominees. Send list to the ALA Staff Liaison to confirm that nominees are members in good standing (a.k.a. having paid dues) in both ALA and NMRT. Remind nominees to submit the Q&A answers to the Nominating committee chair.

  • By Oct 1 (but after approval by ALA staff liaison), send the list of prospective candidates (those who have agreed to serve and are eligible) & their Q&A answers to the NMRT President so the NMRT Board can approve the slate and make any necessary suggestions at its fall e-board meeting.


  • Contact NMRT secretary about Online Candidate Forum (using the candidate’s Q&A answers to create blog posts for the NMRT blog, Notes).


  • The ALA Staff Liaison will forward ballot preparation, timeline, and distribution information. Verify that the timeline includes all dates through the election date in March. Contact the ALA Staff Liaison if this information is not received by November 15.

  • Once the proposed slate of candidates has been approved by the Board & the ALA liaison sends the ballot biographical submission info, send that request for ballot biographical information to all candidates.


  • Submit candidate slate and information (including mention of the Online Candidate Forum blog posts to be released in late February) to ,Footnotes (by emailing the editor), NMRT-L / blog / social media (via publicity update form) and the website (via our web liaisons).


  • Prepare the NMRT ballot in conjunction with ALA staff liaison (if there are changes required)

The deadline for submission to ALA is generally the end of January and will be confirmed by the ALA staff liaison. Contact candidates as necessary to make sure information is submitted by deadline.

  • Check in with the NMRT secretary about the Online Candidate Forum, which will be posted on NMRT Notes next month.


  • Submit an announcement for the Online Candidate Forum to NMRT-L / blog / social media (via publicity update form).

  • Ask candidates if they would like to adjust any Q&A answers for the Online Candidate Forum (remind candidates that they will also need to respond to asynchronous comments/questions on Facebook) …due February 15.

  • February 15: submit Online Candidate Forum blog posts to the NMRT secretary

  • Monitor the NMRT member questions & responses from candidates (on Facebook), after blog posts.


  • When the NMRT VP calls for committee progress reports, submit NMRT progress report.


  • Watch for election results

ALA voting usually concludes by the end of April. Election results will be announced early May. Note: The NMRT Nominating Committee Chair is NOT directly notified of the results of the election. The ALA Staff Liaison notifies the NMRT President of the election results. The NMRT President then contacts each candidate with the election results. Once all candidates have been notified, the NMRT President sends out an email with the election results to NMRT-L.

  • Add the election results to the ALA website & remove candidate names (via our web liaisons).


  • Organize files, consider problems in the past year so that suggestions for improvement may be made to the next committee chair, and transfer files to the new chair.

  • Make updates/ revisions as needed to the committee handbook (via our handbook liaison).

  • Determine whether or not it will be necessary to meet as a committee during the Annual Conference. (rare)

  • Submit final report and Candidate History spreadsheet to Archives Committee.


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