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Working Together through Mergers and Acquisitions: Impacts and Best Practices for the Library Market

  • 1.  Working Together through Mergers and Acquisitions: Impacts and Best Practices for the Library Market

    Posted Dec 16, 2015 12:08 PM


    The consolidation in the publishing and vendor industry has continued at an accelerated pace. The library market has realized the mergers and acquisitions of several providers of content and services in recent years. It seems the trend is for more mergers and acquisitions of this type to continue to take place as companies seek to strengthen market positions and profitability. Mergers and acquisitions affect all stakeholders in the industry, from authors to independent and commercial publishing houses, from vendors to libraries. The effects of these mergers and acquisitions can be felt industry wide from changing business relationships and models to the changing of the very content and services these companies provide, and it may create the need to make changes in client communications and company workflow. Such mergers can enhance capabilities and address customer needs; they allow an organization to assume the complimentary capabilities, skills and talents of the merged organizations while investing in worthwhile entities and developing them while continue to provide service. This all effects the way libraries provide access to the resources their communities need. This session presents the impacts of mergers and acquisitions from the different stakeholders and how we might work together in reducing the impact on the eventual end users of our content and services. Our speakers will identify industry trends and develop guidelines or best practices for dealing with mergers on all sides. Aspects include the impact of changing relationships, technical services and data workflows.


    Chip Nilges
    Vice President of Business Development

    Michael Arthur
    Head, Resource Acquisition & Discovery
    The University of Alabama

    Skip Dye
    VP, Library and Academic Sales
    Penguin Random House

    Kevin A. Norris
    General Counsel / SVP Global Content Alliances

    Time: Monday, January 11, 8:30am-10:00am
    Boston Convention Center Room 156C