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  • 1.  Open Thread: Questions to include in ALA Council Forum assessment survey

    Posted Jun 27, 2018 08:34 AM
    This is a Connect post where ALA Councilors can post suggested questions or areas to explore for the Forum assessment survey. This survey will be developed and shared out later this summer so that we have concrete dates and times for Midwinter (and possibly Annual) by late September. Your suggested questions can take any direction -- time, place, the role of Forum, moderation models, etc.

    You can also send your suggested questions to individual members of the Forum assessment team. They are:
    Erica Findley 
    Ana Elisa de Campos Salles
    Linda Kopecky
    Abigail Phillips
    Karen G. Schneider

    Thanks -- Karen

    Karen G. Schneider
    Dean, University Library
    Sonoma State University
    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

  • 2.  RE: Open Thread: Questions to include in ALA Council Forum assessment survey

    Posted Jun 28, 2018 02:17 PM
    In New Orleans I attended the Council Forum prior to Council 1.  I've attended some Council Forum sessions during previous ALA conferences.  Areas that I believe should be addressed in the survey include:
    Venue (meeting room in a conference hotel; space in the Council chamber; other)
    Physical needs for Council Forum space (accessibility, acoustics, seating arrangements, for example)
    Time allocated for Council Forum (length of meeting, time between the meeting and the Council session, length of forum time slot at night, etc.)
    Concerns raised by Council Forum attendees (morning meetings may not allow sufficient time for breakfast before the meeting; night meetings can cause safety issues for attendees not adjacent to the venue)

    In the demographics, it would be helpful for respondents to indicate whether they attend Council Forums; if so, do they attend Forum 1, Forum 2, and/or Forum 3?  Which Forum session(s) are most productive?  Do we really need three Council Forum meetings, or would two suffice?  If so, which two?

    Not a question for the survey, necessarily, but I was wondering if the forums could be scheduled for different times of the day within one conference.  I didn't attend Council Forum 3, but 4-5 p.m. seems like a good time to have a forum.  Maybe have one in the morning, one at night, and one in the late afternoon.

    Sandra Barstow
    Head of Collection Development
    University of Wyoming Libraries