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Next Generation Library Publishing Project Releases "Library Publishing Infrastructure: Assembling New Solutions"

  • 1.  Next Generation Library Publishing Project Releases "Library Publishing Infrastructure: Assembling New Solutions"

    Posted Mar 17, 2021 12:28 PM
    Dear colleagues, 
    A core principle guiding the Next Generation Library Publishing (NGLP) project is transparency. In alignment with that principle, we are openly sharing all of our findings from more than a year's worth of deep community engagement research.

    Our newest publication, Library Publishing Infrastructure: Assembling New Solutions documents the design, methods, results, and recommendations of the NGLP project team's 2019-2021 study of Library Publishing infrastructure gaps and requirements. This research was designed to accomplish two related goals:
    1. to reveal and chronicle library publishing stakeholders' current needs, interests, and desires regarding the tools and environments that support their publishing activities; and
    2. to develop a meta-understanding of the open-sources tools and environments available for publishing, how these tools and environments might be combined and built upon, and where gaps between them might be mitigated through standards, scripts, and documentation.
    Through this research, we have determined that the library publishing community seeks a modular set of platforms and components to support a variety of institutional publishing models. We have identified the remarkably consistent needs and desires of library publishers today, including:
    • Ways to integrate existing platforms and tools rather than building new ones
    • Unified web delivery and discovery options that work across those platforms
    • An administrative dashboard that can provide central control and reporting options
    • Choices among a range of hosted, turnkey solutions
    • Community-led, rather than commercial, modes of governance and sustainability for tools, platforms, and service providers
    This report seeks to make all of our research findings available to and usable by other teams-including projects, tool developers, service providers, and communities of practice. We hope many can use this synthesis of our research to inform their understanding of the interests, needs, gaps, and opportunities in the growing library publishing field. 
    With best wishes, 
    Caitlin (on behalf of the NGLP team) 

    Caitlin Perry
    Communications Coordinator