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Councilor question regarding financial report timing

  • 1.  Councilor question regarding financial report timing

    Posted 18 days ago

    Councilors -

    A Council member sent a financial question for the recent Council meeting and the Executive Committee thought this response might be informative for all Council members. The question asked for an update on the release of financial reports.  

    For FY 2021, we have moved to quarterly reporting in order to adopt best practices.  This also streamlines the process of recording revenues and expenditures.    

    For FY 2020, the plan is to consolidate the financial reports for the remaining months in the fiscal year and prepare for the audit to be conducted in June. A preliminary FY 2020 report will be issued early May. We will ensure that  FY20 and FY21 financial reports are distributed on time.  

    All financial documents will be available on the Executive Board documents website and of course, we will have fuller discussions during our June Council meetings.  If you have specific questions regarding your Division, Round Table or unit financials, you may contact Treasurer Maggie Farrell and/or CFO Denise Moritz.

    Maggie Farrell
    ALA Treasurer
    Dean of Libraries
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas