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PARS Audio Preservation Metadata Task Force meeting minutes

  • 1.  PARS Audio Preservation Metadata Task Force meeting minutes

    Posted Jul 14, 2010 12:30 PM

    June 25, 2010
    Washington, DC



    George Blood

    Safe Sound Archive


    Preston Cabe

    Safe Sound Archive


    Cassandra Gallegos

    Safe Sound Archive


    Janet Gertz (chair)

    Columbia University Libraries


    Tyra Grant

    University of Kansas Watson Library


    Charlie Kolb



    Stephanie Lamson

    U. of Washington Library


    Jenn Riley

    Indiana University


    Bill Sherfey


    Preservation and updating of our Standards & Guidelines document

    The document will need to be updated as new standards and guidelines are developed.  It should be reviewed at least annually, or perhaps every 6 months at each ALA meeting.  Someone also needs to preserve the master copy (now residing on Janet’s computer).  The consensus of the group is that a task force is not well designed to maintain and update a document over time, and that this responsibility should be handed off to a standing committee.  Ian Bogus, chair of the PARS Standards Committee (contacted by phone during our meeting) agreed that his committee was the appropriate place for this responsibility.

    Future activities

    The group agrees that this task force should disband once we have fulfilled our charge.  The document was step 1, and the other thing we need to do is to help people understand the audio-specific standards and guidelines we’ve identified over the next year or so, how they intersect, and how institutions might choose among them or implement in different ways.

    We discussed several possibilities for program ideas, including letting George do it.  Everyone liked the idea of presenting case studies from larger and smaller institutions, and people are going to try to come up with good examples from California for the MidWinter meeting.  Tyra and Janet proposed staging a consultation, where Tyra presents a collection she is interested in digitizing, and Janet and others ask a series of questions to help guide metadata choices.

    The group agreed to continue meeting over lunch rather than trying to get on the formal schedule. 

    Action items

    1. Janet will send the master Standards & Guidelines document to Ian Bogus for the Standards Committee to hold.
    2. Janet and Tyra (and others) will work up a “live consultation” to present at the Intellectual Access Interest Group meeting in San Diego.  Chair Nicole Saylor has agreed to put us on the agenda.
    3. Task Force members will continue to think about other program opportunities to help people understand metadata for audio, especially case studies.

     Notes submitted by Janet Gertz