ALCTS PARS Preservation Metadata Interest Group

ALCTS PARS Preservation Metadata IG at ALA Annual 2016

  • 1.  ALCTS PARS Preservation Metadata IG at ALA Annual 2016

    Posted Jun 06, 2016 10:30 AM

    Please join us for the ALCTS PARS Preservation Metadata Interest Group Meeting at ALA Annual 2016 in Orlando. Our program will begin with a short business meeting and the election of an incoming co-chair. The session will focus on current approaches to implementing preservation metadata.


    Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016

    Time: 3:00–4:00 p.m.

    Location: Orange County Convention Center, W107

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    The PREMIS of our not so SIMP-le story: Implementing preservation metadata using homegrown and vendor solutions

    Jeremy Myntti, Head of Digital Library Services, University of Utah

    Tawnya Keller, Interim Assistant Head, Digital Preservation, University of Utah


    The University of Utah has implemented Ex Libris' Rosetta Digital Preservation System for the long-term preservation of our digital assets. A large piece of this implementation has included the development of the SIMP Tool (Submission Information and Metadata Packaging Tool) used to streamline workflows from the digitization process to metadata creation to ingestion into our digital asset management system and digital preservation system. Intellectual Entities (IEs) have descriptive metadata attached to items in the SIMP Tool as well as minimal preservation metadata. When IEs are ingested into Rosetta from the SIMP Tool, Rosetta automates a majority of the preservation metadata and maintains this alongside the preservation master files. We are working towards meeting the NDSA digital preservation level 4 guideline which includes full preservation metadata in addition to the descriptive and technical metadata that we are already including in Rosetta. This presentation will include details about the system that we have developed and how it is being using in conjunction with Rosetta to preserve our digital assets.


    Preservation planning in the consortial context: Updates from the DPN Preservation Metadata Standards Working Group

    Moriah Caruso, Preservation Librarian, University of Washington

    Drew Krewer, Digitization Services Coordinator, University of Houston

    Jennifer Mullins, Digital Preservation Librarian, Dartmouth College

    Liz Woolcott, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services, Utah State University


    The Preservation Metadata Standards working group for the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) was charged to “outline the metadata standards that DPN will follow for digital preservation.” In this talk, we will describe our work to date, share our recommended baseline metadata for DPN deposit, and discuss next steps.