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  • 1.  MARC Formats Interest Group ALA Annual 2012

    Posted Jun 04, 2012 01:24 PM

    The MARC Formats Interest Group invites you to its discussion meeting at ALA Annual.
    Saturday, June 23, 2012, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Anaheim Convention Center, Room 208B

    Topic: Issues in the Bibliographic Transition: Extending the Reach of Authority Data

    Our speakers at this meeting will be John Riemer (UCLA), Reinhold Heuvelmann (DNB), and Robert Pillow (VTLS). They will discuss issues relating to the bibliographic framework transition initiative, with a focus on the opportunity for an expanded role for authority data.

    Abstracts and biographical information appear below.


    New Prospects for Library Authority Data

    John Riemer will discuss how authority data can be put to new uses outside an online catalog environment, including contributing to scholarly research in a linked data environment, and outline changes in practice (including those concerned with undifferentiated names) that can help it play that role.

    John Riemer is Head of UCLA's Cataloging & Metadata Center. Within in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, he is Chair Emeritus of the Policy Committee and Chair of the PCC Advisory Committee on Initiatives.

    John was co-author with Philip Schreur of a discussion paper proposing changes to how undifferentiated personal name records are handled in the LC/NACO Authority File (  Attendees may be interested to note that the PCC Participants Meeting will be an open forum to conclude community input on this discussion paper.
    The PCC Participants Meeting will take place on Sunday, June 24 from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m., Anaheim Convention Center, Room 213AB.


    From Authority Control to Linked Authority Data:
    the "Gemeinsame Normdatei" in German Speaking Countries

    The presentation will describe the tradition of authority control in the German speaking countries, with its former authority files, SWD, GKD, PND, and EST, and the recently finished project "Gemeinsame Normdatei" (GND).  During this project, the files have been merged into one integrated authority file, structured by one common format.  The presentation will inform about the partners, the principles, the working packages and the results of the merging process, as well as the next steps to be taken.  While trying to balance the needs of legacy data and existing systems and workflows with MARC as a base structure for the cataloging format, an approach was taken that was driven by the "Functional Requirements for Authority Data" (FRAD).  A specific focus was put on relationships and their coding, which may be seen as a step into the Linked Data world.  Thus, the GND and its underlying concepts can be of significance as a contribution to the "Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative".

    Reinhold Heuvelmann works in the Office for Library Standards at the German National Library.  He holds a degree in library science and has worked as a cataloger.  For more than 15 years, he has been responsible for designing and implementing interfaces to export and import bibliographic and authority data.  In the Office for Data Formats, he is responsible for bibliographic data formats and other standards related to information management in libraries.  He played a key role in the changeover of German and Austrian libraries from the MAB-Format to MARC 21.  Reinhold is a member of the MARC Advisory Committee, where he represents the German speaking countries at MARBI meetings.  He has participated in the work of the RDA/MARC Working Group and the PCC ISBD and MARC Task Group.  He is also a member of the MODS/MADS Editorial Committee.


    The Bibliographic Transition: a Vendor Perspective

    Robert Pillow, VTLS, will discuss the role of the vendor community in the transition to a linked data environment. While LoC's Bibliographic Framework Initiative is still in its infancy, a commitment to a transition is evident; but, do we know where that transition will take us? Many issues remain to be not only resolved, but in fact, discovered. Current practices need not be an impediment to progress.

     Robert Pillow joined VTLS Inc. as a Customer Support Librarian in 1996, bringing with him over 16 years of experience in the library field. Mr. Pillow graduated with an M.S.L.S. in Information & Library Science from the University of Tennessee in 1986. Prior to VTLS, his experience includes work as a Cataloger, Reference Librarian, Circulation Manager, ILL Manager, teaching Library Science, and service as  a Library Board member within both academic and public libraries. At VTLS he has served  in a variety of positions in Customer Services, Sales and Marketing, Design & Development, and Project Management. Currently Mr. Pillow is the Project Manager for the NGILS implementation at the Hong Kong Public Library.

  • 2.  RE: MARC Formats Interest Group ALA Annual 2012

    Posted Jun 28, 2012 11:55 AM

    The slides for the presentations given by Robert Pillow, John Riemer, and Reinhold Heuvelmann at the 2012 MARC Formats Interest Group discussion meeting in Anaheim are now available.