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ODLOS Town Hall: We want to hear your thoughts...

  • 1.  ODLOS Town Hall: We want to hear your thoughts...

    Posted Jan 20, 2017 03:03 PM

    For members who did not have the chance to join the Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services Town Hall, we still want to know your thoughts. I'm attaching the ODLOS report, the powerpoint  for the town Hall and the Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion report. 


    Here are the three questions that we asked those in attendance to discuss. Please send us your thoughts on these questions. 


    Q1. Reflecting on the events of this past year, how has ALA been responsive in a way that resonated with or satisfied you? And in what ways has ALA not responded in a satisfying manner? How has either response impacted your professional role?


    Q2. Do you feel served by your local professional networks in relation to equity, diversity, or inclusion?

    a)If yes, what does this look like?

    b)If no, what role can ALA play in filling this gap? 


    Q3. A common request that ALA offices and divisions hear is that there is a need to create space or opportunity for individuals to share their experiences (in regards to equity, diversity, inclusion, or social justice). Over the years this has led to the creation of many tools, spaces, and programs (ONE example is the Diversity Member Interest Group) that do not get much traffic or traction. Where do you feel or see a disconnect in these actions? How might we address that disconnect? 


    Ways to Respond: 

    1. Please indicate which question you are responding to: Q1, Q2, or Q3

    2. Either respond directly here or you can send responses on social media if you use the hashtag #ODLOSTownHall