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Updates to the MLA Best Practices for Official RDA now available

  • 1.  Updates to the MLA Best Practices for Official RDA now available

    Posted Mar 25, 2022 10:02 AM

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    The latest revision of the Music Library Association Best Practices for Cataloging using RDA and MARC 21 is now available in the March update of the RDA Toolkit. With this update, all content corresponding to MLA guidance from the original RDA Toolkit is now present either in the Toolkit itself or in the new documentation described below. The Best Practices will continue to be expanded and refined as necessary to better fit the structure of the new Toolkit.


    The MLA Best Practices page (http://cmc.blog.musiclibraryassoc.org/mla-best-practices/) now includes two new draft documents: an MLA application profile for RDA (final home and form of availability TBD) and the MLA RDA Metadata Guidance Documentation. These are available as a spreadsheet and a PDF respectively, though we hope also to make the guidance document available in a native web format in the future.


    The MLA RDA Metadata Guidance Documentation is a work in progress, but currently includes the following features:


    ·         Introductory material from the original Best Practices without a natural home in the new Toolkit

    ·         Guidance on...

    o   Interpreting and applying the MLA Best Practices

    o   Aggregates and representative expressions

    o   Preferred titles and access points for musical work and expressions

    ·         MARC examples organized by element and also identified by original RDA instruction number


    The three existing Supplements, also found on the MLA Best Practices page, are not included in this update, but they are valid for both original and official RDA and will continue to be updated in the future.


    These documents are now open for public feedback. Feedback forms are available below or on the MLA Best Practices page.


    ·         Best Practices in the Toolkit: https://forms.gle/9vmJGgSWLYZMxUH57 (see also the Known Issues: https://bit.ly/3qrrIJ4)   

    ·         MLA RDA Metadata Guidance: https://forms.gle/HZjPj3CnenV5gRUc8

    ·         Other Documentation: https://forms.gle/vH7dxzRaxLFWDzCJA


    (Note this update pertains only to official RDA; for current cataloging in a shared environment, continue to refer to the original RDA Toolkit and its associated documentation until further notice from LC and PCC.)


    Keith Knop

    Chair, Content Standards Subcommittee

    Cataloging and Metadata Committee

    Music Library Association