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  • 1.  Fields missing from Toolkit

    Posted Jan 07, 2021 12:57 PM
    I cannot find two bibliographic marc fields in the toolkit:

    511 - Performer, Narrator, and/or Presenter
    880 - Alternate text graphics

    Is 511 just being replaced by Creator agent? Have they decided to not include 880 in the toolkit?


    Rachel Fischer
    Member Services Librarian
    Cooperative Computer Services

  • 2.  RE: Fields missing from Toolkit

    Posted Jan 08, 2021 05:29 AM

    Hi Rachel,


    The Toolkit does include references to field 511 in the bibliographic format. However, the Toolkit mappings no longer include the English language labels for MARC 21 fields, only their numeric designations. If you conduct an search for "Bibliographic 511" in the Toolkit Search box, then you will retrieve 106 results for elements which align to field 511 in the bibliographic format.


    You're right to say that no mapping currently exists for the MARC 21 880 field in the Toolkit. The process of providing mapping alignments from RDA elements in the current Toolkit to MARC 21 is still ongoing. If the 880 field is not considered to be out of scope, then mappings to 880 may be added in the future.


    I hope this helps.


    Best wishes,




    Thurstan Young,

    Collection Metadata Analyst,

    British Library


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  • 3.  RE: Fields missing from Toolkit

    Posted Jan 08, 2021 10:26 AM
    The full download version of the "Alignment from RDA elements to MARC21 encodings" document currently featured on the News panel of the RDA Toolkit login screen includes  mappings of multiple RDA elements 
    to MARC 511 covering unstructured descriptions of different RDA entities (person, corporate body, etc.) and different role-specified entities (e.g., choral director person). These are not included in the small sample of the alignment offered online.

    MARC 880s would not correspond to RDA elements, since RDA treats specifications of language and script as data provenance statements made about a metadata work. These in combination with a data provenance statement about the source of metadata would convey the information for which MARC uses 880s. MARC 880 linking between romanized and vernacular forms depends on referencing MARC field and sequence values, which have no correspondence in RDA.

    That's how I would respond to these questions, but other responses are welcome.

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