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Hello from Youth Services @Meridian Library!

  • 1.  Hello from Youth Services @Meridian Library!

    Posted Oct 18, 2019 03:08 PM
    What a fantastic idea to create a community forum-- I hope you don't mind if a public library sister joins you?

    I know that many of you are stretched very thin and have many varied demands on your time, but I want to make a request: when you are alerted that students have a project coming up, it would help us so much to have a heads-up so we can identify appropriate materials for their visits.
    Some of you are already alerting us and we appreciate it so much! If we're short-staffed when students visit, we sometimes don't have the time or opportunity to give them the attention we would like to. However, when we have a few days to gather and/or identify materials prior to their visits, students have a more successful and positive experience. It will also help us to plan for the future in supplementing our collections for just such occasions; we have room in our budgets to help out this way and would like to cater to our community's students whenever we can. Would this be possible, or is it too tall an order?

    Kathleen McVey
    YS Program Specialist
    Meridian Library District
    208-888-4451, ext. 1246

  • 2.  RE: Hello from Youth Services @Meridian Library!

    Posted Nov 05, 2019 02:55 PM
    I think that isn't too much to ask.  I'm not in the Meridian area, though.  In Malad, our public library knows when the dates of school projects are due for reports at the elementary school, so they get materials ready for the students to use.  That way, it makes it, so the books don't all get checked out either since many kids choose the same Native American Tribe or Dinosaur to report on.

    Elizabeth Kent
    Media Center Speciliast/Data Support/In School Suspension Coordinator
    Malad Middle School