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  • 1.  Extension plan for monographic series

    Posted Aug 12, 2021 09:16 AM
    Hello all,

    Apologies if this has been discussed or answered before. I've been thinking about extension plans lately and want to make I'm thinking about monographic series in the correct way. 

    The definition of Static Plan is "An extension plan for a work that is intended to be realized in multiple distinct expressions that are embodied during a closed timespan." Does this mean that an individual work within a monographic series would be considered to have a static plan, since that individual work is (presumably) fully realized? For example, would Robert Jordan's Eye of the World be considered to have a static plan while the Wheel of Time as a series would have a successive determinate plan?


    Matthew Banning
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  • 2.  RE: Extension plan for monographic series

    Posted Aug 16, 2021 04:39 AM

    You are correct.

    The plan for the series may be to re-publish or re-produce existing expressions or to publish or produce new expressions (or both). Each expression realizes one and only one work, and the extension plan for each work is static: the manifestation that embodies each work is intended to be published or produced "in one go". The manifestation that embodies the series, on the other hand, is multi-unit and remains incomplete until the series terminates.

    This does not mean that the 'issue' of a series or serial work must be static. For example, a successive determinate work may include a 'running' index that is updated when each issue is embodied. That index is itself integrating and determinate, not static.

    Gordon Dunsire