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Executive Board meeting updates

  • 1.  Executive Board meeting updates

    Posted Aug 31, 2023 01:14 PM

    Hello Councilors!

    I am writing to share updates from the ALA Executive Board meeting on August 17th. As a reminder, you can always review Executive Board documents on the ALA website:

    Our next monthly call will be held September 19th at 1:30pm ET/12:30pm CT/11:30pm MT/10:30am PT/9:30am AKST/7:30am HST. Here is the zoom information for our calls:

    Join Zoom Webinar ID: 988 1585 4898; Passcode: 621369

    Executive Board Meeting Highlights

    August 17, 2023


    Key highlights from the August 17, 2023 board conference call:

    Chapter Leadership Meeting Recap

    • Board Member Helmick met with Chapter Relations chair, Brianna Hoffman and Chapter Relations Office staff member, Jon Martin to discuss supporting state chapters, strategy and a heat map regarding state activities

    IFLA 2024 and IRC survey of members

    • IFLA published survey responses. 68% disagreed with location of Dubai, but the decision was reaffirmed

    A motion to direct the International Relations Committee to conduct a survey of IRC members regarding ALA participation as WLIC 2024 in Dubai, with results to be presented at the Fall Board Meeting failed. Consensus indicated that we have existing avenues for gathering feedback about member priorities related to this issue. The Executive Board and Council will address attendance at IFLA WLIC 2024 in the coming weeks and months.

    Social Justice Fund Transfer to Public Policy Advocacy, EBD 3.0

    Treasurer Hepburn noted Endowment Trustees agreed to combine funds that fell below $50,000 into one social justice fund and proposed that, in light of the challenges facing chapters, some of these monies can be used to transfer to support advocacy efforts.

    Retirement Acknowledgement
    Senior Interim AED Mary Mackay thanked the Board for the past three years in her position as Senior Interim AED and the opportunities to work with leadership, as well as acknowledgement of all years at ALA. 



    Board Action

    Responsible Unit/Person

    August 17, 2023

    APPROVED transfer of $100,000 from the Fund for Social Justice to PPA to support train-the-trainer efforts for chapter leadership.

    Dina Tsourdinas

    The ALA Executive Board went into closed session.


    Note: The EB goes into closed session to discuss matters that should not be discussed publicly for legal reasons, may be sensitive in nature, or are not yet ready to be announced.

    The full EB meeting schedule can be found here (member log-in required). 

    For more information on any of the listed reports above, please visit the Executive Board Document (EBD) site available here (member log-in required).

    Emily Drabinski
    Associate Professor
    The Graduate Center, CUNY