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Slides Available - Linked Library Data Interest Group Meeting - ALA Annual 2018

  • 1.  Slides Available - Linked Library Data Interest Group Meeting - ALA Annual 2018

    Posted Jul 03, 2018 05:06 PM
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    Slides Available: LITA/ALCTS Linked Library Data Interest Group Meeting in New Orleans

    Time: Saturday, June 23, 2018, 9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Location: Morial Convention Center, Rm 265-268                                                        

    Thank you to our speakers for three exciting presentations describing linked data projects.

    The presentation slides are linked below:

    Evidence-Building using Linked Administrative Data at the Census Bureau

    Kate McNamara

    Census Bureau

    The Census Bureau is expanding its Data Linkage Infrastructure to improve access for evaluators, program and policy analysts, and researchers. The new data linkage initiative improves access to these data, increases the discoverability of data with inventories and metadata, and leverages new technology. We are currently conducting a variety of research projects leveraging administrative records linked to demographic and economic survey data. Census has also played a role in collaborative efforts to create best practices for data sharing and access, including the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking and the Administrative Data Research Facilities Network.  Audience members will come away with an understanding of data linkage at Census and learn how librarians can play a role in the evolving landscape of administrative data.


    Kate McNamara is a program analyst with the Evidence Building staff at the Census Bureau. Her duties include project management, data documentation, and outreach for the Bureau's data linkage infrastructure. She received her MLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and previously worked as a librarian for the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking.


    Who Will be Our bf: Comparing techniques for conversion from MARC to BIBFRAME

    Sharon Farnel, Abigail Sparling, Ian Bigelow, Danoosh Davood

    University of Alberta Libraries

    The University of Alberta Libraries is actively ramping up for linked data implementation through local experimentation, research and external partnerships. Though BIBFRAME is still in development, several transformation tools have already been created, and with many libraries planning for a future move to linked data it would seem timely to compare approaches to moving legacy MARC data to BIBFRAME. Setting aside the question of whether BIBFRAME should be the vehicle for libraries to move to linked data, this investigation is aimed at comparing two approaches to converting MARC to bf:2.0: LC MARC to BIBFRAME XSLT: An XSLT 1.0 application aimed at converting MARC to RDF/XML released in March 2017 and Casalini SHARE Virtual Discovery Environment: A project by Casalini Libri and @Cult to develop a linked data discovery environment, including a conversion tool for MARC to bf:2.0 RDF.

    Through the comparison and analysis of these two transformation approaches several topics will be explored: Comparison of data mapping through conversion, Implications for conversions for monograph and serial formats, Approaches to reconciliation through both processes, and In house and vendor workflow implications.


    Sharon Farnel is the Metadata Coordinator at the University of Alberta Libraries and is currently co-chair of the Canadian Linked Data Initiative Digital Projects Working Group.

    Abigail Sparling is the Serials Metadata Librarian at the University of Alberta Libraries.

    Ian Bigelow is the Cataloguing Coordinator at the University of Alberta Libraries and is currently a member of the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing, Canadian Linked Data Initiative Metadata Working Group, and the PCC Task Group on URI i n MARC.

    Danoosh Davoodi is a Metadata Assistant at University of Alberta Libraries.


    Demonstrating the Production Value of Linked Data Services

    John Chapman, OCLC

    Xiaoli Li, University of California Davis


    Cornell University, University of California, Davis, and the Montana State Library have partnered with OCLC in a joint research project prototyping a new suite of linked data services. This unique project uses the out-of-the-box services from Wikibase and a high-quality set of entities from multiple linked data sources. The prototype comprises services for 1) reconciling strings representing people, organizations, concepts, places, and events against an index based on entities, providing persistent identifiers; and 2) creating, editing, and sharing entity descriptions, while also allowing for the contribution of additional contextual relationships between entities, beyond those that can be found by mining structured data in bibliographic and authority data.

    In this presentation, Xiaoli Li, Department Head - Content Support Services, from the University of California, Davis and John Chapman, Senior Product Manager - Metadata Services, from OCLC will give an update on project progress, demonstrate the interfaces and underlying data, and cover technical challenges and achievements. As the project has focused on meeting real library use cases, the speakers will also discuss insights into the efficacy and efficiency of introducing linked data tools in metadata management workflows.


    John Chapman is Senior Product Manager, Metadata Services for OCLC, where he oversees cataloging applications, including Connexion and WorldShare Record Manager, as well as the WorldCat Metadata API. He also helps direct linked data strategy. Prior to working at OCLC, he was Metadata Librarian for the University of Minnesota. During his career in libraries, he has received honors and professional recognition for accomplishments in corporate librarianship, special collections digitization, and metadata standards development.

    Xiaoli Li received her MLS from the Southern Connecticut State University. She worked at Yale University Library and University of Washington Libraries before moving to University of California Davis in 2004. As the Head of Content Support Services Department, Xiaoli oversees four technical services units that are responsible for acquisitions, licensing, cataloging, database maintenance, preservation and conservation. She is the Chair- Elect of the Policy Committee of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging and has actively involved in linked data projects and committee work.

    Anne Washington
    Metadata Services Coordinator
    University of Houston Libraries