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Purpose: Provides connectivity between publishers, libraries, and vendors. We strive to bridge gaps in communication among these groups by supplying ongoing training opportunities, hosting discussion groups, and presenting information on current and future trends through ALA programs and eforums.

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ALCTS PVLR (Publisher-Vendor-Library Relations) Interest Group Agenda

  • 1.  ALCTS PVLR (Publisher-Vendor-Library Relations) Interest Group Agenda

    Posted Jan 14, 2010 10:30 AM

    Posted by Liz Lorbeer,

    ALCTS PVLR (Publisher-Vendor-Library Relations) Interest Group

    Planning Meeting

    Saturday January 16, 2010

    4-5 pm (we can go til 5:30 if we need to)

    Convention Center Room 206B




    1. Monday Forum: Any last work to be ready for the Monday morning Forum? Hand out flyers to volunteers who’ll have time to get over to the exhibit hall on Sunday.


    1. ALA 2015 Draft Strategic Plan: please see the attached e-mail – we’ve been asked to comment. With our varied constituency, I think PVLR is in an interesting position to comment on the ALA strategic plan. Please give the draft a quick read and come prepared with any thoughts.


    1. What are the most important acquisitions and/or supply chain issues facing your organization? What are you spending the most time and thought on these days? Let’s see if we can get some discussion going!


    1. Possible forum topics for Annual in D.C.: perhaps will follow from the above…


    1. ALA Connect: is there a good way for PVLR to use this space, given that some of our Interest Group members and followers are not ALA members? How have people been using it with other ALA groups – are you finding it a useful workspace?


    1. And who will be our next leader? My 2-year term is coming to an end in D.C. Following our normal rotation, it’s time that the leadership should move on to a library member – or perhaps a publisher member – it’s been a while since we’ve had someone from a publisher as Chair. If you are interested, let me know and show up at this planning meeting, and we’ll hopefully determine the new Chair at the meeting.


    In case you didn’t see the earlier message, here’s a brief summary of the Monday Forum:


    8-10 am, Room 157C at the Convention Center.


    Innovation By Necessity: The economy is not bringing good news these days, but there can be interesting outcomes when organizations are pushed out of their routine procedures and workflows. Throughout the library materials supply chain, we’re providing content and services that we’ve always provided, but in new and different ways. Speakers: Beth Bernhardt/UNC-Greensboro, Lindsey Schell, UT-Austin, Judy Luther/Informed Strategies, Hester Campbell/YBP.


    Thank you, and see you soon – safe travels, everyone!




    Ann-Marie Breaux (PVLR Chair)

    Vice President, Academic Service Integration

    YBP Library Services

    Phone/fax: (678) 445-5720  vmail: (800) 258-3774 x3504