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Core IG Week : Copy Cataloging IG session Thursday, July 29

  • 1.  Core IG Week : Copy Cataloging IG session Thursday, July 29

    Posted Jul 16, 2021 11:23 AM

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    The Core Copy Cataloging Interest Group is pleased to announce our session during Core IG Week for ALA Annual 2021!


    Date: Thursday, July 29, 2021 

    Time: 11am-12qm (PDT) / 1-2pm (CDT) /2-3pm (EDT)

    Reflections on post-pandemic copy cataloging: adapting workflows to meet COVID-19 challenges
    This program will have three presentations discussing various issues copy catalogers faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, how they adjusted their workflows, and the efficacy of those changes.

    Presentation 1:
    Copy Cataloging Challenges During COVID-19: A Glimpse at the Processing and Workflow Management of Donations and a Specially-Acquired Collection
    Presenters: Audrey Koke, Renee Gould and Marissa Smith | Saint Leo University, Technical Services Department

    The Cannon Memorial Library at Saint Leo University adjusted their workflow to accommodate the pandemic. Their technical services department became accustomed to working from home, and along with their laptops came boxes and boxes of copy cataloging work. The majority of print book materials were donations and a special acquisition of titles from another institution. This presentation will highlight three areas of accepting and processing these materials. First, the presenters will describe how the pandemic has impacted all technical services workers and how it specifically challenged workflow for accepting, sifting through and copy cataloging. It will then delve deeper into their methods and will showcase the numbers of books accepted and the copy cataloging procedures. Finally, they will describe how these efforts have improved the collection for post-pandemic use.

    Presentation 2:
    Streamlining and Enhancing Copy Cataloging Workflows Through APIs and Workflow Modifications
    Presenter: John Myers, Catalog & Metadata Librarian Schaffer Library, Union College

    In our local context, copy cataloging used to engage two full "touches" with the item and catalog record, once at the time of cataloging and again as a final quality assurance review. As part of the response to COVID, much of the first "touch" occurred remotely without access to materials and focused solely on those details that would affect processing – namely the presence/completeness of the call number and other details related to location coding and prefixes. With the insights from this COVID-driven shift, and the coding contributions from a student intern, we changed our processes to streamline and enhance our copy cataloging workflows across groups of materials rather than relying on one-by-one tackling of records. These changes have improved our overall efficiencies, including the ability to more quickly identify items that need more attention as well as the ability to sort and prioritize our materials once received.

    Presentation 3:
    Just keep cataloging: How one cataloging unit changed their workflows to fit the pandemic remote, hybrid, and in-library work.
    Presenters: Becky Skeen, Liz Woolcott, Andrea Payant | Utah State University

    Utah State University Libraries Cataloging and Metadata Services (CMS) unit, including student workers, transitioned to remote cataloging in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The presentation will outline the process undertaken by supervisors to evaluate and modify services and workflows to continue cataloging materials through the different phases of library capacity from shutting down most of the library, to a hybrid limited staff capacity, through staff back in the library full-time.

    To register the session from here: https://ala-events.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYpduqhpj4vHdGCZKsQh5miXcSFty9hnVFr

    To see more about the Core IG Week: https://www.ala.org/core/continuing-education/interest-group-week 

    Hope to see many of you at our session!

    Rachel Turner and Keiko Suzuki, co-chairs
    Lori Dekydtspotter and Dean Bergstrom, co-vice-chairs

    Ms. Keiko SUZUKI

    66 WEST 12TH STREET, Rm. 511, NEW YORK, NY 10011
    T 646.909.4406 

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