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Discusses the basic issues relating to bibliographic control of maps and related materials. Discusses rules and standards covering such cataloging, as well as application of the rules and principles both in general and in response to specific problems, and various practicing options.

This group is part of Core's Metadata & Collections Section.

  • 1.  Cartographic Resources Cataloging Interest Group at ALA Annual Conference 2019

    Posted Jun 11, 2019 02:02 PM

    Please join the ALCTS-CaMMS/MAGIRT Cartographic Resources Cataloging Interest Group meeting at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.:


    Date:               Sunday, June 23, 2019

    Time:               8:00-10:00 AM

    Location:         Washington Convention Center, 102A

    Scheduler link


    The Cartographic Resources Cataloging Interest Group meeting is an open discussion session for addressing topics of interest to the cartographic and geospatial resources cataloging community. This is a great forum for posing questions to and exchanging ideas with members of the cartographic resources cataloging community. All are welcome to attend the meeting.


    Our meeting is held jointly with the MAGIRT Cataloging & Classification Committee. Please note the 8:00 AM start time: The interest group meeting will begin at 8:00. Following a brief break, the committee's business meeting will begin at approximately 9:00. All are invited to stay for the committee meeting.


    Discussions currently on our agenda:


    Continuing discussions from Midwinter and earlier:

    1. Best practices for MARC cataloging of geospatial datasets:
      1. Some of us have begun collecting examples of records created by colleagues (see for examples representing the start of our IG's collection at ALA Connect). Do we have updates or additional needs for specific kinds of records?
      2. "I would like MAGIRT to move toward identifying elements that we consider 'core' for describing datasets, regardless of the record format or platform. What is the minimum essential metadata that will allow users to search for and find what they need?" (Submitted by Louise Ratliff, University of California, Los Angeles.)
    2. New PCC Policy Regarding Terminal Periods in MARC Bibliographic Records: Questions/comments, concerns, etc. Have any of our institutions taken steps to implement or prepare for this? (Submitted by Paige Andrew, Pennsylvania State University)
    3. Geographic coordinates in catalog records: decimal degrees vs. degrees-minutes-seconds. Have there been recent changes in practice at your institution? Do we have questions/concerns about which format to use? Would we like additional guidance regarding best practices (and if so, from whom?)

    New discussions:

    1. Are we seeing any trends regarding the hiring and training of map catalogers (both specialists and more generalist catalogers whose responsibilities include maps?) How are people managing needs for training? (Submitted by Paige Andrew, Pennsylvania State University)



    Notes from the IG discussion session will be posted to various resources including the MAGIRT email list soon after the conference, as well as printed in the next issue of our newsletter, Base line.


    We look forward to your attendance and the opportunity to share comments, concerns, and resources at the meeting in Washington!


    Please send any questions or comments to or reply to this discussion thread.


    Best regards,

    Tim Kiser, interest group coordinator

    Tim Kiser
    Catalog Librarian for Maps
    Michigan State University Libraries

  • 2.  RE: Cartographic Resources Cataloging Interest Group at ALA Annual Conference 2019

    Posted Jun 18, 2019 11:05 AM
    Hi everybody, 

    Please be aware that the DC Metro system does not start running on Sunday mornings until 8:00. If you know of any attendees planning to arrive by Metro, please alert them that other travel arrangements will be necessary. 

    Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday--


    Tim Kiser
    Catalog Librarian for Maps
    Michigan State University Libraries