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Discusses the basic issues relating to bibliographic control of maps and related materials. Discusses rules and standards covering such cataloging, as well as application of the rules and principles both in general and in response to specific problems, and various practicing options.

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LCSH "Aliens" Change to "Noncitizens" in WorldCat

  • 1.  LCSH "Aliens" Change to "Noncitizens" in WorldCat

    Posted Nov 22, 2021 10:55 AM

    OCLC welcomes the changes that the Library of Congress (LC) is making to the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) for Aliens to Noncitizens and for Illegal aliens to both Noncitizens and Illegal immigration along with other related heading changes.  The tentative list of these changes is here.  As soon as the LCSH authority records for these changes are received by OCLC, processes will commence to change the headings within WorldCat records as swiftly as possible.  Some of the work will be accomplished by OCLC's automated controlling software supplemented by efforts from our Metadata Quality staff.  Corresponding FAST headings will also be updated and changed in a subsequent process. 


    Please excuse duplication of this message as we are sharing it with many lists.



    Jay Weitz
    Senior Consulting Database Specialist
    Online Computer Library Center