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Another Proposed Resolutions Relating to Council

  • 1.  Another Proposed Resolutions Relating to Council

    Posted Jan 16, 2022 06:45 PM
    Anyone want to work on this resolution?  Here it is open for comment

    Proposed Resolutions Relating to Council

    Whereas the ALA Council's primary role in recent years has been to debate and determine ALA policy;

    Whereas the current iteration of Council is seen by many to be too large and expensive, thus inhibiting its ability to play an effective role in policy development;

    Whereas the creation of Assemblies and realignment of Committees provides an opportunity to re-envision Council and its role within ALA;

    Whereas Council remains the place within ALA governance where all parts of the Association are able to be represented and all voices heard;

    Resolutions related to Structure, Composition, and Purpose

    1. Resolved, that ALA assigns to the Board of Directors all fiduciary and administrative oversight functions of the Association with the exception of the Nominating Committee members, who will be elected by Council.  The Board of Directors will delegate management of the day-to-day operation to the Association's Executive Director per the current constitution. 

    2. Resolved, that Council retains all policy making authority.  That Council has a responsibility to provide guidance to the library community on best practices relating to wider social issues affecting the library profession.  

    3. Resolved, that Council develops a schedule of in-depth reviews of ALA policies and governance structure so that all policies are reviewed at least once every 5 years.

    4. Resolved, that no person shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms on Council without a break in service.

    5.  Resolved, that Council be reconstituted to decrease the number of at large positions and create positions for assembly leadership while retaining direct representation from round tables, divisions and chapters.

    Resolutions related to Attendance Requirements and Meeting Frequency

    1.  Resolved, that Council meet at least 4 times a year and that all Council meetings be conducted virtually with provision made at least 1 time a year for a hybrid virtual / and in person meeting.

    2. Resolved, that the requirement to attend in-person meetings be eliminated.

    3. Resolved, that Council members must attend 75 % of Council meetings within a calendar year and failure to do so will mean removal from Council.

    Resolution related to all forms of ALA engagement being open to virtual participation.

    We discussed that ALA should have broader language regarding Association-wide expectations that all member engagement opportunities include virtual participation options.  We're not sure which group would be responsible for developing such a resolution but wanted to put it on the table for consideration.

    Jennifer C. Boettcher, Councilor-at-Large, 571 216-3499

    [Jennifer] [Boettcher]
    Business Reference Librarian
    (202) 687-7495