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Wilmington Public Library District

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Wilmington Public Library District
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I graduated long and long ago with a French degree, wound up working in a law office, went back to school briefly, wandered lost in the world of temping then worked ten years in a manufacturing plant. I'd done all I could and wanted a new challenge when library school occurred to me. I'd worked in a library in jr hi and college, volunteered at the local library and felt (feel!) very strongly about reading, so it seemed like a natural. I got a job scanning books for the Internet Archive, packed up and moved down to C-U to finish school. I graduated in August 2008, my daughter was accepted at the college of her choice for fall '09, so I am now starting to search in earnest for a great job. Hard working, detail oriented, tech savvy librarian-to-be with French, Spanish skills available for hire summer 09. :)

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