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ALA Connect to replace the GODORT email list immediately after ALA Annual

The godort@ala.org announcement list will be discontinued, in lieu of ALA Connect (http://connect.ala.org), immediately following the Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Setting up email notifications in Connect:                                                                                            If you have not yet logged into ALA Connect and set up your email preferences, please do so. You can elect to receive an email message every time someone posts new content to one of your ALA groups or communities, or you can change the frequency of emails to twice a day, daily, or weekly. You will need your ALA member number and password to login to Connect as a member and your member log in will allow you to view and participate in member-only areas of the site. Step-by-step instructions for refining your email preferences are available at http://connect.ala.org/email-help. Background:At the 2009 Annual Conference in Chicago, an Ad Hoc Committee on GODORT Communications was formed, with the following charge:   To identify the range of GODORT communications, define appropriate roles for each of the tools above if appropriate for the purpose, and to define a policy regarding member experiments that may make use of the GODORT identity.  The committee recommendations should

  • support and further the intent of the GODORT communication
  • facilitate communication by all GODORT members and not serve as a barrier to participation
  • enhance distributed work patterns, as we are an all-volunteer organization
  • maximize automated solutions where possible in order to extend the reach of GODORT-created content as widely as possible with the least amount of manual effort
  • support continued experimentation with new technologies in order to expand virtual, year-round participation in GODORT
  • eliminate tools if deemed appropriate 

The committee reviewed the use of several existing tools and at the Midwinter Meeting in Boston recommended to Steering that the godort@ala.org announcement list be discontinued, in lieu of ALA Connect (http://connect.ala.org)  Rationale:The committee noted that the godort@ala.org list is not automatically updated with current GODORT membership information and believes that ALA Connect will allow greater participation by members.