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Call for volunteers for Open Gaming Night

The GGMIG has decided to step up and host the Open Gaming Night at ALA Annual 2010.  If this works out, it will be a regular event that the MIG will be responsible for.


So, we need volunteers.   This runs the Friday night before ALA Annual, and we need help both in the planning ahead of time as well as on the ground.

We have some new ideas to try - we want to have a vendors area, where those vendors who are on the ALA show floor and want to have a presence at Game Night will pay a small fee, and this fee is what will support the costs of the game name.

We also are going to have a poster session, where libraries and researchers who want to talk about what they are doing with gaming will have an area to display this work.

And, like last year, games games games!


If you have interested in being involved, please respond here.  We will be using this space as the main place to coordinate the work.


Here's what we need:


 - Planning committee:  These folks will work with Jenny Levine and support her in the planning of the game night.  

 - Poster Session committee: These people will work with Scott Nicholson in doing the review of poster submissions (not this year)

 - Board Game Instructor: These people will help on the night of the event with the board/card game area, teaching games 

 - Video Game Assistant:  These people will help on the night of the event, helping with the video games

 - Greeter/Mingler:  These folks will welcome people as they come in, will mingle with the crowd, and work to get people playing games with other folks


So, if you are interested in one of these roles, please respond here and tell us what you'd like to do!

Liz Danforth's picture

If I make it to Annual this year -- which, sadly, is not a given since it's always on my own nickel -- I'd be delighted to help with this on site. As it is, I'll gladly help from a distance, planning or posters, whatever is most needed.

Kimberly Hirsh's picture

This will be my first time at ALA and I would love to be a video game assistant.

Kimberly Hirsh, MAT
Educator, Actress, Designer, Blogger
MSLS 2011, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science
Graduate Assistant, LEARN NC
Reading Blog: http://lectitans.livejournal.com

Kimberly Hirsh, MAT
Educator, Actress, Designer, Blogger
MSLS 2011, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science
Graduate Assistant, LEARN NC


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I would be happy to help both with helping to review poster sessions and if at annual again this year, I would be more than happy to be a board game instructor. This is all moot if I submit to do a poster session of course :P

Kelly Czarnecki's picture

I'm interested in being on the planning committee and/or being a greeter.

Justin Hoenke (non-member)'s picture

I'd love to be on the Planning committee


Lisa Hinchliffe's picture

Hi Scott,

As Vice-Pres of ACRL my time at the ALA conference is spoken for two and three times over continuously but I'll be happy to help out ahead of time/afterwards - e.g., Poster Session committee. Or, if you have an eval of the session that needs analysis after the event. Just let me know...



George Bergstrom's picture

I will volunteer for helping from afar, for now either planning or reviewing posters...  and if I can come up with the scratch to attend, then I would be happy to instruct/interact with those unfamilar with games.


Michael Soldati (non-member)'s picture

I would love to help out in any way you need though I might be most helpful as a video game assistant or on the planning committee.  Let me know!


-Michael M. Soldati

Michael M. Soldati
Americorps Vista
Gaming and Technologies Coordinator
Keene Public Library
60 Winter St.
Keene, NH 03431

Michael Robbins (non-member)'s picture

As so many have said, I'm not sure about travel budget so I don't know if I'll be there, but I will help remotely with planning.  I have a few ideas for games I'd love to share.  If I am there, I will gladly work in whatever capacity needed; I love teaching people how to play games and would happily serve as a game assistant or instructor.

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My name is Gwen Alviani and I am a boardgamer! I host a monthly book discussion and game day called "GeekTalk" at my house in Reston VA outside of Washington DC. I have been a european style boardgamer for 10 years now. I would love to be able to help out in the planning and execution of the game night at the DC ALA conference. My husband is also a gamer and has volunteered to help instruct people in how to play games. We also have a collection of boardgames and we are in the DC gamer network so we could help bring some other people out to help that night. This is really right along my career goals as a future librarian, so I am really excited to help out. I am currently a first year grad student at the Florida State University MLS program. Please feel free to contact me at


Thanks, I look forward to helping out!


Gwen Alviani

Genevieve Podleski's picture

Hey all --

I will be attending the conference and I am able to help in any of these areas. Looking forward to seeing more gaming exposure @ ALA!


Pauline Shostack's picture

I would be interested in helping out with one or more of these tasks.

P.S. I am an ALA member, not sure why it says non-member next to my name. 

Jenny Levine (staff)'s picture

Hi, Pauline --

Thanks for volunteering to help!

JFYI, it says "non-member" after your name because you must have created a new account on Connect, rather than logging in with your regular ALA member login. If you're not sure what your member username and password are, you can recover them on the ALA website.

If you have further questions about Connect, please feel free to post them in the help community or contact me directly.


Beth Gallaway's picture

hi Scott!

I'd like to help with the planning committee - Jenny, I can be available to set up equipment - I can even loan equipment (consoles, controllers & games) since I'm driving down.

I'm especially interested in policing, I mean, assisting with, Rock Band - I saw some unsavory behaviors last year, including people not taking turns, discouraging new participants, and asking for someone who was "actually good" at the game to step in...

Scott, are we going to do a formal evaluation?


Game On! (Neal Schuman, 2009) www.neal-schuman.com/go

Samuel Starkey's picture

I can help with the video games, Wii especially, it is what I did informally last year, showing people the wonders of World of Goo. Not sure yet if could stay the entire time, still booking events, but I should be able to squeeze in at least a couple hours.

David Willems's picture


I am hoping to attend this summer in DC.  It will be my first ALA conference!  I'm a huge board game fan and would be willing to volunteer teaching board games.


David Willems

email: willemsnyc@yahoo.com