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The E's of Libraries®

What do today’s libraries do for our communities? It’s a simple question, but one that has more answers than ever before. The services libraries provide now revolve not just around stacks of books, but also around internet connection and cutting edge digital technologies that help people fulfill basic needs and pursue a wide range of interests.

With so much happening in libraries, why do some people believe libraries are obsolete? The answer is the Reality-Perception Gap.

Across ALA, we’re on a mission to raise awareness of libraries and close the Reality-Perception Gap. In pursuit of this goal, ALA coined The E’s of Libraries® trademark to promote public awareness of all that today's libraries, with the Expert assistance of library professionals, help facilitate: Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, and Engagement for Everyone, Everywhere.

What's Your E?™

The E's of Libraries® program and What's Your E?™ program work hand-in-hand together to eliminate the Reality-Perception Gap, and also compliment the libraries' strong general messaging. This is one effective way to easily communicate and make memorable what libraries are doing -- and can do -- with additional funding and capacity.

Tell Your Library Story

Whether you are a regular library user today, you have a library story - from your childhood, school, college, career, or every day life. Sharing your library story - your reason for valuing and supporting libraries, is an easy way to open a conversation about libraries. For example, "My E is [insert your E] because [insert personal story]." And then ask, "What's Your E?™"

What's Your E?™ Program Materials

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