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The mission of the Library Research Round Table (LRRT) is to contribute toward the extension and improvement of library research; to provide public program opportunities for describing and evaluating library research projects and for disseminating their findings; to inform and educate ALA members concerning research techniques and their usefulness in obtaining information with which to reach administrative decisions and solve problems; and expand the theoretical base of the field. LRRT also, serves as a forum for discussion and action on issues related to the literature and information needs for the field of library and information science.

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Call for survey participation (15 minutes) and contribute to a book chapter about cataloging in libraries with foreign language texts!

  • 1.  Call for survey participation (15 minutes) and contribute to a book chapter about cataloging in libraries with foreign language texts!

    Posted Feb 04, 2024 06:56 PM

    Hello fellow librarians!

    I and another international school librarian are collaborating on a chapter in a book titled "Digital Libraries Across Continents" to be published in 2025. Our chapter is focused on international libraries (so often ignored), and is titled "Navigating Diverse Infrastructure, Multicultural and Multilingual Challenges in International School K-12 Digital Libraries" And we need your help! This survey will only take 15-20 minutes, and will help us to understand schemas, and formulate best practices. If you have the time, please consider completing this survey:


    Please feel free to copy/paste or forward this invitation to share in your local groups or country library networks (The more responses the better)! 

    More information and informed consent can be found below: 


    Purpose: To understand and quantify how K12 international schools and libraries in multi-lingual environments are cataloging their non-Latin Script texts, and to summarize this data in a book chapter for publication in 2025.

    Procedures: This is a 43 question survey. If a question makes you uncomfortable, there is no need to answer it.

    Time commitment: 15-20 minutes 

    Risks: There are minimal risks in this anonymous survey. A participant might feel uncomfortable with a question. We encourage these participants to skip any questions they feel uncomfortable with.

    Benefits: The data and responses from this study will be used to write a book chapter to help libraries form policies, schemas, and procedures for multilingual, non-latin script languages in standardized commercial cataloging systems, and will be shared with other library professionals to help them implement these practices as well. 

    Participants may receive a FREE preprint copy of the final chapter by sharing their email with the researchers on the last screen. We do recognize that your time is very valuable: unfortunately, this study is self-funded, so we cannot offer monetary incentives, but this does not reflect in any way the value the researchers place on your time and effort in completing this survey.

    Future Research:  Your responses are anonymous, and any identifying information you enter in free-response text will be De-identified (all identifying information removed). This data may be shared with other researchers. You can opt-out of sharing your data in this way in the survey. 

    Where, and How long will my data be kept, and why? Your responses will be kept up to 3 years, to use in comparative analysis of future library programs/policies. Your data will be kept on the researcher's closed Google drive, set to private.

    Who might see my responses, and why?

    The Researchers: To write an academic book chapter, and to make better library policies.

    Other Survey Participants: They may request a summary of the survey results.

    Other Researchers (only with your permission): To do a comparative analysis of the data collected with their own library.

    For questions about the research, problems, or complaints: or 

    Crossposted in other librarian groups.


    Thank you!

    Natalie Rector
    Head Librarian
    Ruamrudee International School
    Bangkok, Thailand