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  • 1.  Mobile Computing IG Meeting - ALA Annual 2013 - Meeting Notes

    Posted Jul 09, 2013 06:57 PM


    Mobile Computing Interest Group

    ALA Annual Meeting 2013 

    Monday, July 1st 2013
    3pm to 4pm, US/Central (-6)

    1. Introductions & Announcements (5 min)

      1. Co chairs: Evviva Weinraub Lajoie & Kevin Lau (Not Attending)

      2. Vice-Chair: Vincci Lui (Not Attending)

      3. Incoming Chair: Laurie Bridges

    2. LITA & Mobile IG Business (10 min)

      1. ALA Connect -

    3. Mobile IG Programming at ALA Annual

      1. We Went Mobile, Now What?

    • June 29th – 3 – 4pm, McCormick Place Convention Center – N4272a

    • Discussion of presentation

    • 100+ people in attendance

    • Great discussion

    • Slides are available on ALA Connect under the announcement of the panel.

    1. Mobile Presentations & Discussion

      1. Pros & Cons of Responsive Web Design
        Presenter: Bohyun Kim, Digital Access Librarian, Florida International University Medical Library

    • This discussion took up most of our time and led to a very lively conversation about how to do responsive design well, the pros and cons of responsive design, and what it means to build a site with responsive in mind. 

    • Bohyun provided some great examples of RD done well, and RD done poorly.  Her slides are <a href="">here</a>.  

    1. Building a Crowd-Sources Mobile Optimized Translation Platform

    2. Presenter: Evviva Weinraub Lajoie, Director, Emerging Technologies & Services, Oregon State University Libraries & Press

    • This presentation was done in just a few minutes and there was only some side conversations about it afterward.  Most everyone needed to run to catch buses and drive home. 

      1. Other Potential Discussion Topics

        1. Not covered, no time


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    Posted Jul 09, 2013 06:58 PM

    In case you missed it in the text above.  Bohyun's slides can be found here: