EMIERT (Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table)

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  • To serve as a source of information on recommended ethnic collections, services, and programs.
  • To organize task forces, institutes, and workshops to carry out the functions of the Round Table as defined in the petition.
  • To develop for Annual conferences forums and symposia programs that deal with the key issues of ethnicity and librarianship.
  • To maintain a liaison with the Office of Library Outreach Services and cooperate with other ALA units, including the caucuses in joint projects for the betterment of outreach services.
  • To disseminate the work of the Round Table through a program of publications

Learn more about EMIERT on the ALA website.

Register in advance to attend the ALA Membership Meeting & Information Session

  • 1.  Register in advance to attend the ALA Membership Meeting & Information Session

    Posted Jun 14, 2023 02:59 PM

    The 2023 ALA Annual Conference is just around the corner and as a part of the governance meetings for the association, there will be a hybrid ALA Membership & Information session on June 24, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm CT.

    This is the first time the ALA Membership & Information session is being held in a hybrid format, where members can attend in-person or virtually. Registration for Annual Conference is not required to attend this meeting.

    Members who wish to attend the meeting and participate in voting must register in advance, by June 17, 2023, to receive their voting credentials. This applies to anyone attending in-person or virtually because all voting will be done electronically.


    *If you register after June 17th, you will still be able to access the meeting, but you will be unable to exercise your right to vote when member action is called upon. Be assured that you can still fully participate, ask questions and engage in debate even if you have not registered by the deadline. The registration deadline ensures that staff can validate eligibility to vote and members can practice using the voting tool, and be prepared to vote during the meeting.

    About the Membership Meeting: This is an opportunity for ALA members to engage in discussions on important issues that affect libraries and librarianship and to bring to the floor the issues that matter most to you via the resolution process. Resolutions that, if passed by the members, will be forwarded to the ALA Council. Resolutions passed by Council, will be acted upon by the Association.

    The Membership Information portion of the session will provide a forum for members to hear updates from ALA leaders. You will receive first-hand information on the latest developments within our organization and hear reports from the ALA President, President-Elect, Executive Director, Treasurer, and Endowment Trustees

    This will be the largest hybrid meeting ALA has hosted so we appreciate your patience, and we are so grateful to be moving forward in a more accessible and inclusive way.

    I hope you can join us!

    Kathy Carroll
    AASL President 2020-2021
    School Librarian
    Westwood High School