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  • Have you seen the improvements in the http://ASGCLADirect.org/Resources page ASGCLA staff have made changes to the Library Accessibility Toolkits, to the Recommended Resources, and to resources For ASGCLA...
  • The Office of Intellectual Freedom recently published a blog post about censorship in prisons, and how libraries can help: https://www.oif.ala.org/oif/?p=18499. Vicky Ludas Orlofsky interviewed the Library...
  • In the world of libraries, questions about service dogs are increasingly common. The growing popularity and visibility of support and companion animals has led to significant interest about how trained...
  • Attendees representing 9 states kicked off the revived Library Services to the Incarcerated Detained (LSID) Interest Group meeting at ALA Annual. Guest speakers included representatives from DC Books...
  • The Accessibility Assembly completed a revision of the Service Animals Tipsheet. This 2019 revision has been added to the Tipsheets found on the Tools and Resources page of ASGCLADirect. Focusing on the...

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