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ALCTS CRS College & Research Libraries Interest Group Leaders' Tips & Tricks 

Jan 31, 2010 01:05 PM

ALCTS CRS C&RL IG - Leaders' tips & tricks, updated 7/28/2010 by Rebecca Kemp; updated 6/27/2012 by Patrick Carr

NOTES on how to get to various information centers:

*The ALCTS CRS C&RL IG home page is  You will need your ALA ID and password to log into ALA Connect.  You should become a member of CRS C&RL IG; to join, click on JOIN in the right column of the IG's Connect screen. To get notified when there are posts, opt in to receiving messages. Do that by clicking "My Profile" in the left column of the Connect screen and select the Subscriptions tab. 

You will start to see e-mails from various ALCTS personnel and will get to know them, including Charles Wilt ( , Executive Director of ALCTS) and Dale Swensen (, ALCTS Interest Group Coordinator).

*Google Docs: I will send you an invitation to modify the roster document, and then you can keep passing it along by inviting future officers!

A. BEFORE the Midwinter or Annual conference

*Several months out (around April for Annual and November for Midwinter), you will receive a notification (probably from Charles Wilt) with the IG's assigned meeting location and time

*A few months before the conference: develop ideas for program content. This may involve inviting specific speakers to present and/or sending out a call for proposals. If you send out a call, it's advisable to try to encourage presentations regarding one general topic. When soliciting presentations: ask for a title, abstract, presenters' names, positions, institutions.  See sample email (  Here are the places we have been posting to solicit presentations (presented as a checklist):
ALA Connect __
ALCTSleaders __

*Collect submissions.  *AFTER* the submission deadline, choose your presenters and determine their order.  Notify presenters with confirmation that they have been accepted.  Make *sure* that people know how long they will be speaking.  Ask people if they will be willing to submit their presentations after the conference to post on the presentation wiki. Ask speakers for a short bio that you can use when introducing the session. Encourage speakers to arrive at the session early and, in case of unforseen changes, ask them for their cell phone number and provide them with your number. See sample email ( for information about what all to include in the messages to speakers.

*Once you have received notice of the room assignment, you will be able to e-mail the presenters of this information.
*After you have the room assignment and have determined the program, post the program announcement to these places (presented as a checklist):
ALA Connect __
ALCTSleaders __

See sample e-mail here (  If you post to listservs early (before the flurry of announcements that inevitably precedes every conference), you may want to send a reminder a little closer to the conference.


*At time of presentation, arrive early at the room & get A/V set up.  When session begins, welcome the presenters and audience, introduce self and fellow officer.  Introduce presenters briefly with where they are from and their presentation topic.  Tell audience that you are sending around sign-up sheet (include 3 columns: Name, Institution, E-mail address).   Tell audience format of the presentations.  It is generally advisable to tell attendees to hold questions to the end of the session; this will help ensure that all speakers have adequate time to present.

*After the discussion, announce that presentation files will be posted on the IG's webspace.

*Collect sign-up sheet with new names, e-mails, etc.

*Go to the CRS Exec Board meeting.  Give brief report on IG meeting.  


*Solicit presentations from presenters to post on the IG webspace.

*E-mail thank-you notes to presenters.  See sample note (

*Submit a report to the ANO:

*Post presentations on the IG web space.

* Update the Google Docs membership roster w/ new people's e-mail addresses.

*Post on ALA Connect that the presentations are now up.

Repeat conference cycle...

D. To recruit new officers

*This past year, we solicited nominations from all the listservs (ERIL-L, Serialst, etc.) for candidates for Chair-Elect (see sample e-mail here:  In the past, the position has been handed down from the Chair to another person; it’s up to you to choose how to transfer leadership.  If you solicit nominations from the listservs, you can then hold an election via Surveymonkey or current/former IG leadership can select a succesful candidate among the nominees.

*After new Chair takes office, e-mail Charles Wilt ( to get new Chair added to alctsleaders listserv.

*Add new officers as admins in ALA Connect.  Charles may provide instructions.


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