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To serve as a venue for discussing the preservation management of digital assets whether commercial, born-digital or converted e-resources.

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ALA Annual 2012 Interest Group Line Up

  • 1.  ALA Annual 2012 Interest Group Line Up

    Posted Jun 11, 2012 07:27 AM

    Join us for another great line up in Anaheim -- definitely worth waking up for our 8 am session!



    HYATT- Pacific Room
    8-10 AM         


    A: Collecting Born-Digital Materials from the Web: It’s a CINCH!

    Since August 2011, thanks to an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Sparks! Ignition grant, staff from the State Library of North Carolina in conjunction with staff from the North Carolina Libraries for Virtual Education (NCLIVE) have been developing the CINCH tool, which Captures, INgests, and CHecksums records the Library is legislatively mandated to maintain. This tool incorporates a capture utility and existing digital preservation technologies to create a more-automated workflow for capturing online files for preservation and access. This presentation will describe the tool’s development, functionality, and projected use.

     Lisa Gregory works as Digital Projects Liaison in the Digital Information Management Program at the State Library of North Carolina.  She currently manages one of the State Library’s off-site digitization project, works with interface design and usability, and participates in research and development of digital preservation tools and workflows. 


    B. The Web is a Mess: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Web Archiving

    Web Archiving: While most libraries put a great deal of effort into establishing a dynamic and engaging web presence for their institution, many are not currently preserving their own web presence or web content related to their institution's mission or collecting policies. This session will discuss the importance of web archiving and provide use cases, discuss best practices, lessons learned, challenges and successes and provide an overview of Archive-It, a web archiving service.

    Lori Donovan is a Partner Specialist at the Internet Archive helping libraries, archives and othercultural institutions archive the web. Lori has a Masters of Science in Information from the University of Michigan specializing in Archives and Digital Preservation. 


    C. Digital Preservation and Dynamic Reference: Preserving living references, databases, and other “Book-like Objects”

    In an era where the lines between an ebook and a database are increasingly blurred and online learning platforms incorporate gaming or virtual world elements, the question of how to preserve such complex works is more urgent than ever. What is being done now to preserve such content? What are the key question that publishers and libraries ought to be asking?  What precisely should we be trying to preserve? Contribute your voice to this essential discussion to frame the preservation policies of the near future.

    Dr. Heather Ruland Staines is Senior Manager eOperations for Springer. She manages the global preservation policies for both Springer and BioMed Central. She is currently Publisher Co-Chair of CLOCKSS and Chair of the ALCTS CRS Holdings Information Committee. She was also recently elected to serve on the Board of the Society for Scholarly Publishers.


    Be sure to check out some of the other digital preservation, curation, and archiving-related interest groups, too!

    The Digital Curation Interest Group (ACRL), Digital Conversion Interest Group (ALCTS PARS), Intellectual Access to Preservation Metadata Interest Group (ALCTS PARS), and Digital Preservation Interest Group (ALCTS PARS) are pleased to announce the results of their collaboratively planned business meetings for 2012 ALA Annual in Anaheim, CA. All the below business meetings occur in the same hotel.

    Below is the schedule for the following Interest Group Business Meeting Discussions at ALA Annual. Full details can also be found online at:

    SATURDAY, June 23rd, 2012
    10:30 am-12:00 pm
    Digital Curation Interest Group (ACRL)
    Location: HYATT-Grand Ballroom E

    Meeting Summary:

    DataBib: An Online Bibliography of Research Data Repositories (Michael Witt, Research Librarian & Assistant Professor, Purdue University, D2C2) Collaborative Approaches to Digital Curation (Jared Lyle, ICPSR, University of Michigan, Libbie Stephenson, Director, UCLA Social Science Data Archive, Ron Nakao, Data Specialist, Stanford Libraries)


    1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
    Digital Conversion Interest Group (ALCTS - PARS)
    Location: HYATT-Grand Ballroom E

    Meeting Summary:

    Adventures in Digital Curation (Meg Meiman, Coordinator, Undergraduate Research Program, University of Delaware) Starting Small: Practical First Steps in Digital Preservation (Helen K. Bailey, Preservation Specialist, Dartmouth College Library)


    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
    Intellectual Access to Preservation Metadata Interest Group (ALCTS - PARS)
    Location: HYATT-Pacific Room

    Meeting Summary:

    Editing and Embedding Audio-Visual Metadata with MetaEdit (Chris Lacinak, President, AudioVisual Preservation Solutions) Discover the Technical Metadata in your Still Image Digital Files (Joan DaShiell, Product Manager for Digitization Services, Preservation Services Center, Backstage Library Works, Bethlehem, PA)