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Building Teen Music Collection in the Library - CD/mp3

We are looking for advice on the best way to build up our teen music collection. One of the concerns has been that with current ordering policies, the music might be "out" for the kids by the time we get it in.

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I'm a librarian in a public library and we have a Teen Music section, which has been in circulation for about a year.  I mainly use Midwest Tapes as a vendor and you can order albums before their release date--roughly a month or two ahead.  The whole collection has been a great success; the titles are constantly going out.  Midwest also let's you order the "clean" versions of almost every album out there as well.  Let me know if you need any help, I would be more than happy to assist.


Melissa Brisbin

Media Librarian, Cape May County Library


Melissa Brisbin

Media Librarian
Cape May County Library
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There is a lot of music whose lyrics do not teach our children much.
Education is everything, and as you say, it is difficult to find relevant content nowadays. However, with initiatives like this raised in this topic, we have a light of hope. This is the one true message that matters.

Our goal is to spread good messages by encouraging a better world.

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