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The Retired Members Round Table (RMRT) shall exist to develop programs of particular interest to retired persons from all types of libraries and all forms of library services, including formal opportunities for continued involvement and learning; a variety of leadership training and opportunities for mentoring; lifelong professional involvement and networking; and active engagement in the American Library Association and the profession of librarianship.

Visit the Retired Members Round Table (RMRT) on the ALA website.

Committee Members (are you an RMRT Committee Member or Chair)

  • 1.  Committee Members (are you an RMRT Committee Member or Chair)

    Posted Nov 28, 2023 07:24 PM

    Good evening, everyone,

    Hope you all are doing great!

    I am working with Michelle, Naomi, Ann Marie and Danielle to get our RMRT Website updated.

    We are going to be developing short 1-2 sentence charges for each of the committees we have in RMRT and we want to list the members and chair of each of the following committees: Membership (I am the Chair and Ann Marie is a member), Nomination (Rocco is the Chair and we have that charge already as it's listed in the By Laws), Program Planning Committee, Social Events Committee, and Awards Committee (which will include both the Horrocks and the Gadfly Awards, Kay Cassell, are you the Chair of this committee?).

    If you could let me know by December 5th if you are a member or a chair of a committee stated above, that would be great, thank you so much!!!!

    Lisa Kippur, lisa.kippur@outlook.com.

    Lisa Kippur
    Senior Accounting Professional
    University of Colorado