• We've updated our Code of Conduct

    Hi everyone,

    As you may know, the American Library Association now has a single Online Code of Conduct that applies to its blogs and websites, its social media, ALA Connect, and other channels across ALA (including those managed by Divisions and Round Tables). The Online Code of Conduct replaces the many policies/guidelines that were previously used across the organization.

    Please log in to ALA Connect, where you'll be prompted to review and agree to the new Online Code of Conduct:

    • All ALA Connect users must agree to the new Code of Conduct before posting on the platform.
    • Users of other sites/channels will not be prompted to agree; however, activity on those channels will now be governed by this new Online Code of Conduct rather than any older guidelines that were previously used.

    This new Online Code of Conduct is designed to build an open, inclusive, and collaborative experience for participants on all online platforms used by ALA. It was developed by a member working group appointed by the ALA Executive Board. You can read more about their process, which included an open feedback period, in Executive Board Document 12.46.

    To protect members, a new Code of Conduct Committee will administer and apply the Code, providing transparent, consistent, and context-sensitive accountability to ensure mutual respect and community safety. This committee will develop and maintain strong procedures for handling incidents; it will also publish an annual transparency report.

    Thank you to the members who served on the working group and the many others who provided feedback. As a result of their collective work, the new Online Code of Conduct:

    • explicitly prohibits harassment and creates a clear framework for a successful, respectful, and safe community.
    • establishes new mechanisms for reporting incidents and appealing decisions.
    • is a living document, which will be revised - with community input - when needed.

    If you have any questions about the new Online Code of Conduct, please let me know.