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The mission of the Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) is to (1) To provide a forum for discussion of problems, concerns, and for exchange of ideas by librarians working with government documents; (2) to provide a force for initiating and supporting programs to increase availability, use, and bibliographic control of documents; (3) to increase communication between documents librarians and other librarians; (4) to contribute to the extension and improvement of education and training of documents librarians.

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GODORT State and Local Documents meeting - June 14th, 4-5pm CDT / Need new chair

  • 1.  GODORT State and Local Documents meeting - June 14th, 4-5pm CDT / Need new chair

    Posted May 08, 2023 02:24 PM


    The GODORT State and Local Documents Interest Group will be meeting by Zoom on Wednesday, June 14th from 4-5pm Central Daylight Time. It will use the same URL as all the other GODORT meetings taking place that week.

    At the suggest of Jim Kammerer of the Montana State Library, we are gathering to discuss how to archive and provide access to video published online by state agencies. Video files tend to be large. They often are not indexed. They lack timestamps or chapters.  The close-captioning files are separate, if they even exist, from the video file.

    I couldn't find a volunteer to lead this topic, so it is my hope that some of us will have ideas / experience about how they (or intend to) capture and provide access to video given these challenges. If no one has anything, it will be a short meeting.

    Finally, as I've mentioned a few times before, we need someone to step up as chair of SLDIG as I will be stepping down after my term ends at the end of this meeting. If we can't get a volunteer, it will be up to the GODORT Steering Committee to determine what the status of the SLDIG is.


    Daniel Cornwall
    Continuing Resources Librarian
    Alaska State Library
    danielcornwall@gmail.com / daniel.cornwall@alaska.gov