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The mission of the Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) is to (1) To provide a forum for discussion of problems, concerns, and for exchange of ideas by librarians working with government documents; (2) to provide a force for initiating and supporting programs to increase availability, use, and bibliographic control of documents; (3) to increase communication between documents librarians and other librarians; (4) to contribute to the extension and improvement of education and training of documents librarians.

Learn more about GODORT on the ALA website.

  • 1.  ALA Annual 2022 Uploads

    Posted Jul 15, 2022 12:25 PM
    Hi - 

    I hope people are just about recovered from ALA 2022 Annual and GODORT's 50th - it was my first ALA Annual (probably my last too - midwinter is  more affordable). It renewed my enthusiasm for my job (been in gov't info library work off and on since 1986). Thanks!

    I have to (want to) share what I learned with my coworkers  and hope to do it sooner rather than later. (It will be within Teams channel only for our staff - not public).
    I was wondering where resources might be uploaded? 
    In a few sessions we were told the handouts/slides/etc. would be uploaded to "the GODORT site" - but I forgot to jot down if it would be on LibGuides platform or ALA platform.

    Jenny Groome
    asking and speaking only for myself and not for any: state agency; employer; library; ALA 2022 attendee; or staff member who is still pumped from ALA and wants to spread the GODORT Goodness with coworkers at any place of employment already disavowed.

    Jenny Groome
    Reference/Government Documents/Instruction
    Connecticut State Library

  • 2.  RE: ALA Annual 2022 Uploads

    Posted Jul 19, 2022 12:12 PM
    Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for following up! In general, you'll be able to find resources from the conference linked to from our website here: https://www.ala.org/rt/godort. The homepage links out to the resource guide that includes speaker slides from the Kerner Commission program: https://godort.libguides.com/kernercommission. The resources from the Advocacy section are linked to from the Voting & Elections Toolkit page here: https://godort.libguides.com/votingtoolkit/advocacy.

    Is there anything else you were hoping to find resources from?


    Kian Flynn
    Geography & Global Studies Librarian
    University of Washington Libraries