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The mission of the Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) is to (1) To provide a forum for discussion of problems, concerns, and for exchange of ideas by librarians working with government documents; (2) to provide a force for initiating and supporting programs to increase availability, use, and bibliographic control of documents; (3) to increase communication between documents librarians and other librarians; (4) to contribute to the extension and improvement of education and training of documents librarians.

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1991 NIMH Theorist's Workshop paper

  • 1.  1991 NIMH Theorist's Workshop paper

    Posted Nov 08, 2023 12:14 PM

    Hello everyone in GODORT and STS lands,

    I have this question into the National Institute for Mental Health directly but have been waiting and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on where else to look.  My sense is that it 'should' be a government document – but it hasn't turned up in anything I've done.  And, then I wondered if it was even distributed.

    We are working with a faculty member at our university who is interested in a paper presented at the 1991 Theorist's Workshop at NIMH.  We have found a lot of references to it. It is cited as:

    Fishbein, M., Bandura, A., Triandis, H. C., Kanfer, F. M., Becker, M. H., & Middlestadt, S. E. (1991, October). Factors influencing behavior and behavior change: Final report to NIMH. In NIMH Theorist's Workshop.

    We have found a version of what seems to be this final report in:

    Fishbein, M., Triandis, H.C., Kanfer, F.H., Becker, M., Middlestadt, S.E., & Eichler, A. (2001). Factors influencing behavior and behavior change. In A. Baum, T.A. Revenson, & J.E. Singer (Eds), Handbook of Health Psychology(Pp. 1-7). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

    However, the version in the Handbook of Health Psychology does not include author: A. Bandura, and as we understand it, their viewpoint strayed from the group (which is why they aren't cited in the Handbook).

    We'd very much like to retrieve the original final 1991 report and are really have a difficult time!  Do you have an idea of whether it's in your NIMHarchives?

    Kind regards,


    Jennifer Simms, MLS | Head, Sciences Library | Associate Librarian, Sciences

    Liaison for biological, chemical, earth/atmospheric sciences,

    Indiana University Bloomington Libraries simms29@iu.edu 


    Jennifer Simms
    Associate Librarian, Sciences
    Indiana University