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 Permission forms for in-library consoles

Zack North's profile image
Zack North posted Aug 04, 2023 02:24 PM

Hey all,

We just recently started the process to add a Nintendo Switch to our teen space. We've been working on ironing out some of the policy stuff related to it. One thing we are unsure about is if we need permission forms. 

Does your library require a permission form to use an in-library switch? If so, for what reasons?

Any feedback is helpful.

Andrew Oppenheimer's profile image
Andrew Oppenheimer

Hey Zack,

We don't require permission forms at my branch or in my system.  The main thing that I would suggest is to just be selective with which games you have regularly available. Since your teen space is unique to your library, you probably have a different policy about kids joining in for gaming programs than others would. Our switch is only available during certain times and with a very restrictive audience to make sure that there's minimal issues about which games are being played.

Hope this helps!

Manuel Iglesias Fernández's profile image
Manuel Iglesias Fernández

Hi Zach,

We have permission slips for users under the age of 18 that their grown-ups need to sign if they want to use our gaming room. Let me know if you want to take a look at it and I can send it to you by email.