Namesort descending Type Description Members Posts
Instructional Design Community A group for instructional design librarians and others interested in instrucitonal design 60 5
Interlibrary Loan Discussion Group (RUSA STARS) Community Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) STARS Interlibrary Loan Discussion Group 33 20
Internet Resources and Services Interest Group (LITA - Library and Information Technology Association) Community Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) Internet Resources and Services Interest Group 35 17
Internet Toolkit Safety/Responsibilty Community working group 4 1
IRRT Committee Chairs Community A community of the Chairs of the International Relations Round Table Chairs 5 1
IRRT Committees Community Discusssion and archive for International Relations Round Table Committees 3 0
IRRT Free Links Community A Project Providing Access to Free Professional Development Opportunities for ALA members around the world 14 0
IRRT Membership Committee Community This is designed to help facilitate communication and discussion for the IRRT Membership Committee 4 6
JCLC 2012 - Awards and Scholarships Committee Community This community is intended to foster the work of the JCLC 2012 Awards and Scholarships Committee. 7 5
JCLC 2012 Publicity Committee Community To meet on-line for JCLC 2012 as the Publcity Committee 14 4
Joint DLS/ULS 2014 Annual Conference Program Planning Committee Community 17 11
JPEG 2000 in Archives and Libraries Interest Group (LITA) Community Library & Information Technology Association (LITA) JPEG 2000 in Archives and Libraries Interest Group 15 4
K-16 Information Literacy Community A community to share resources and ideas about making informationn literacy seamless across all levels of education. 107 19
Kitchen Cabinet Community Maureen's Kitchen Cabinet 13 30
Knowledge Quest Discussion Group Community Discuss the Themes and Feature Stories in Knowledge Quest! 4 2
Legislation Assembly Community An open community for the Committee on Legislation's Legislative Assembly - All are welcome! 9 1
LES Video Project Community A group for people working on ACRL-LES's Strategic Action Plan 5 9
LES Virtual Participation Task Force Community A community for the task force exploring virtual meeting participation for LES. 7 4
Librarians Build Communities Community Member Initiative Group - offering guidance for skills-based volunteer efforts 9 4
Librarians who Love Cats (& dogs & other pets) Community Our friendships with our four-legged furry friends helps us stay calm thru chaos. 73 35