Namesort descending Type Description Members Posts
LITA Change Task Force Community Investigate the efficiencies of the LITA organization structure and make recommendations based on the investigation. 14 0
LITA Emerging Leaders Community This community provides a space to capture the history of the LITA sponsored Emerging Leaders 8 32
LITA Instructional Technologies Interest Group (LITA) Community Explore new effective technology emerging technology for library instruction, share new ideas, best practices. 82 17
LITA Town Hall Meeting Task Force Community 2 0
LITA/ User Experience Community Supports members in teaching, learning, exploring, and sharing ideas and best practices for user experience (UX) and use-centric principles. 22 2
Literacy for All Community A community for librarians, library staff, and literacy providers dedicated to literacy across the lifespan. 29 28
Literacy Milestones Community Collaborative space for development of the Literacy Milestones project 6 4
LLAMA / NMRT New Leaders Discussion Group (NLDG) Community To provide discussion & networking opportunities for new librarians,librarians making career shifts, anyone interested in developing leadership skills 147 8
LLAMA Leaders Community A community for LLAMA members, volunteers, and all who are interested in the work of the division. 20 0
LLAMA LOMS Fiscal and Business Officers Discussion Group Community LLAMA LOMS Fiscal and Business Officers Discussion Group 3 2
LLAMA Mentoring Team Newell & Anderson Community Communication for mentoring Team Newell & Anderson 3 9
LLAMA Web Communications Task Force Community LLAMA Web CommunicationsTask Force 13 18
LLAMA Web Coordinator Community Information needed for the LLAMA web coordinator(s) and LLAMA office 4 1
LLAMA Website Coordinators Community Volunteer website coordinators for LLAMA. 5 5
M.S. School Librarians Community This is a community for middle school librarians to seek advice and resources to strengthen their school library programs. 13 2
MAES Discussion Group (LLAMA MAES - Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation Section) Community Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) MAES Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation Section) 21 2
MAGERT Cartographic Resources and RDA Community A discussion forum for catalogers applying RDA to cataloging cartographic resources. 38 6
MAGERT Fundraising Community Place for MAGERT Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair to work on fundraising activities 3 1
MAGIRT Program Planning - Annual 2014 Las Vegas Community Planning MAGIRT sponosred programs for the 2014 conference 2 2
Maine Library Association Community Library Association for the libraries in the state of Maine 2 8