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Professional Development discussion question #1

Tags: 2010

Question: " How do you stay up-to-date with popular and emerging technologies?"

Librarians stay up-to-date by...


New York Times 

MIT Technology Review


Fast Company

Business-oriented publications (e.g. BusinessWeek)

[Library] professional literature 

"more IT daily news than library news"

ZDNET newsletters

CNET newsletters

TeleRead blog (devoted to eBooks)

No Shelf Required (devoted to eBooks)

Horizion Report from the New Media Consortium (


list serve threads

The "Keeping Up" Web Site ( (for social networking)

PC Magazine table of contents

RSS feed for the New York Times technology section

Blogs from Google, Apple and others

Chronicle of Higher Education

American Libraries Direct

Mainstream media

The Xplanation Daily Research Update ( for social networking info.


Google Reader to follow library-related blogs

Webinars/Webcasts offered by Library Journal, Blended Librarians, SirsiDynix, EDUCAUSE



Research skills to explore relevant topics in the scholarly literature


"...there is no one source that's going to do it all. You really need a strategy of multiple sources and you have to invest in learning how to use RSS, TOC alerts, search engine alerts, twitter (you can follow plenty of tech gurus) - so that you are pulling in news and updates from a broad spectrum of the tech industry."

 " I like to know what is happening with special attention to major issues that might affect libraries (open source, broadband access, net neutrality, computer security, etc.)... IT news is quite good at following trends in copyright and environmental issues"

" Library literature in my experience is sadly behind the curve, made even worse by the gap between acceptance and publication."