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Discussion Batchelder award alpha list

by Ann Brownson on Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 08:37 am

When I went to the Batchelder award alpha list to pull down a list for my assistant, what came up was a list of the years and the publishers, but no titles except for 2012. What's up with that? 

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Arlene Salazar (non-member)'s picture

Are there more recent Rainbow titles for 2010-present?

Chinasa Seyse's picture

Is this grant still active? The webpage lists a deadline that is a year old (March 31, 2012) If it's still active. What's the current deadline?

Chinasa N. Izeogu Seyse

MSIS Graduate 2011

2009-10 Spectrum Scholar

Sue Shay (non-member)'s picture

It looks like several links aren't active right now or even if active, they pull up wrong or limited info. When I try to view other years of award winners, clicking on an individual year produces only info for 2014.

If I click ALL to view a page with all winning names, it looks right but the links to those other libraries or their winning entry info don't work either.

And if I didn't start my search in your A-Z listing and instead just searched via terms in the ALA search box, only a page about the year ago (deadline to apply Dec 2013) award shows up. Only by getting to the A-Z search awards page could I pull up the true main page for this award.

What I was hoping to find was helpful info about previous winners. Kansas City seems to be the only one with real info available, very limited info on the year before that and only the names of winning libraries prior to that.

Margaret Driscoll's picture

Does anyone know when they will be announced?

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