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"Philly Plays Scrabble" 2009

It was the Battle of the Commissioners as the Philadelphia Free Library’s popular “Philly Plays Scrabble®” tournament kicked off for the fourth year on October 1. To start things off, Deputy Police Commissioner Charlotte Council and Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers faced each other over a Scrabble board at the Parkway Central Library. Local Scrabble club members, high schools, and the public were invited to witness the lively duel of definitions and dictionaries. For the month-long tournament, After School Activities Partnership (ASAP) and the Free Library partner with the National Scrabble Association to invite all ages to come play Scrabble at participating library facilities throughout the city. Over 700 students and 60 clubs participate, and the finalists compete in a full-day playoff tournament. For more information about the program, please visit the ASAP Website at www.phillyasap.org or call 215-545-2727, ext. 10.