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Tracing the evolution of the ACRL Virtual Worlds Interest Group from the ACRL Second Life Task Force

See the June 23, 2009 post in ACRL Board of Directors (Association of College and Research Libraries) from Katie Coombes, UPDATED Board II Agenda and Documents now available, which includes the following pertinent documents as PDF file attachments:

Doc 31.0 ACRL Second Life Task Force Final Report 2009.pdf - 27.6 KB 

Doc 5.0 Virtual Worlds Interest Group ACRL_Board_Action_Form.pdf - 101.95 KB


The ACRL Second Life Task Force has been operating within the virtual world of Second
Life since 2007. In that time we have provided programming and professional networking
for ACRL members and potential members within Second Life. Educators are increasingly
using virtual worlds for both distance and traditional classes. Librarians involved in virtual
environments have found that in addition to the opportunity to support academics, many
opportunities exist for professional networking and continuing education for library

The ACRL Second Life Task Force sunsets in 2009 and the recommended ACRL Virtual
Worlds Interest Group will continue and expand upon the initiatives of the Task Force by
including any virtual environment where educators, library professionals, and library
students operate. The ACRL Board has approved the recommendation of the ACRL
Second Life Task Force to find a volunteer to manage the ACRL in Second Life space on
ALA’s sim in Second Life.

Our charge is to provide support and oversight for a designated volunteer to manage the
Second Life presence of ACRL; to facilitate communication and collaboration for ACRL
members and potential members involved in or interested in virtual worlds for professional
activities; to participate in and support the activities of ACRL in virtual worlds on an ongoing
basis; to advocate for ACRL and to recruit new members to ACRL in virtual worlds.


FISCAL AND STAFFING IMPACT: Minimal. ACRL staff will need to work with the ACRL
Member Services office to ensure that the new interest group is added as a dues
product to the membership form before September 2009. Staff will also need to
update the ACRL web site to include information about the IG and work with the ALA
ITTS department to add this group to ALA Connect.