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Slides from 2017 Annual ALA meeting

Attached are slides of the presentations on Text and Data Mining: facilitating our researchers’ needs in the 21st century from the 2017 ALA Annual meeting of the ALCTS CRS College & Research Libraries Interest Group.

Brief description of the program:

Christine Stamison, Director of the NERL Program at the Center for Research Libraries, shared her licensing experience related to securing text and data mining rights for her members.

Hui Hua Chua, Collections & User Support Librarian from Michigan State University, described her library's experience with creating a powerful web-based interface to provide all campus users unmediated access to search and download news content from the LexisNexis corpus for text mining.

Patricia Feeney, Product Support Manager at Crossref, provided an overview of the metadata available through Crossref’s REST API, and how it can be used to help automate text and data mining.