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GODORT Silent Auction 2017 /Donate to the Rozkuszka Scholarship


The GODORT Silent Auction to benefit the Rozkuszka Scholarship is live!  See http://www.readex.com/godort-silent-auction-now-live  to place a bid.

Two site are available - the condo in Naples, Florida, and the house in Chester Vermont. 

If you can't bid, you can still donate to the Scholarship via the ALA site. 

  1.  Go to giveALA at ALA.org (https://ec.ala.org/donate )
  2. Select Donate Only
  3. Select Round Tables
  4. Select GODORT
  5. Enter the amount in the box for the GODORT/Rozkuszka Endowment Scholarship and complete the information

Many thanks to Readex for again making their sites available for this.

-Andrea Sevetson

Chair, GODORT Development Committee