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You + [insert your School's Mascot name here] = Marketing BFFs

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You + [insert your School's Mascot name here] = Marketing BFFs

Lisa Thornell-Gargiulo, DiMenna-Nyselius Library, Fairfield University

Do students erupt in cheers and applause when a librarian enters the room? Do students pause to take selfies with their librarian? No, not really. Who is the person/animal/object/entity that often elicits the most enthusiastic response and can draw a crowd on campus? Your school mascot of course! Hear from an academic librarian about how the DiMenna-Nyselius Library at Fairfield University utilized the beloved school mascot to promote library services such as research appointments, "Ask a Librarian" services, and celebrate National Library Week, while generating social media content. We will brainstorm other possible events or venues to collaborate with your school's mascot. This conversation will also be applicable to elementary and secondary school librarians.

Library Types:
Academic, Community College, Elementary School, High School, School/Media Center

Subject Headings:
Marketing, Outreach Services, Partnerships, Social Media & Networks