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ALA Annual Program in Chicago - Save the Date 6/24, Saturday @ 10:30 am

Dear all,

We have our international perspectives' discussion program together for this ALA Annual in Chicago. We hope you can join us! 
Date/Time: 6/24, Saturday 10:30-11:30 am
Location: TBC
Title: Research Collaboration and Publishing in the Global Community
Program Summary: Learn about new books on global and international librarianship! There will be publishers, authors, editors and librarians in this forum to talk about their experiences on how they were able to publish their books on this emerging trend in higher education. Attendees can learn more about publishing opportunities and about these new books on international/global librarianship!
1. Scott Collard (NYU, Bridging World: Emerging Models and Practices of U.S Academic Libraries Around the Globe. ACRL 2016) 
2. Constantia Constantinou (SUNY Stony Brook, International Librarianship: Developing Professional, Intercultural and Educational Leadership. SUNY Press 2017)
3.  Starr Hoffman (UNLV, Dynamic Research Support for Academic Libraries. Facet/ALA 2016)
4. Lian Ruan (UIUC, Academic Library Development and Administration in China. IGI 2016) 
Once we have location finalized, we will send that out again. Please let us know if you have any questions!
We will also be holding a webinar (or two) in the Spring! Stay tuned for that! 
Thank you!
Ray & Meggan
Co-Conveners of ACRL IPARL Discussion Group