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Digital Special Collections Discussion Group Midwinter Agenda

Sunday, January 22, 2017
8:30 am to 10:00 am, US/Eastern

ALA Midwinter 2017 - Rare Books and Manuscripts Section

Digital Special Collections Discussion Group

Sunday, January 22 8:30-10:00 a.m.

Westin, Piedmont 3 


  1. Welcome and introductions

  1. Presentations - Five speakers will briefly present on a topic relating to the use of digital humanities tools and/or techniques within special collections libraries. Each presentation should take about 7 minutes. Selected presentations include:

    1. Samantha Mairson (University of Connecticut)

      1. Research includes building a metadata-tagging schema for use in shared Zotero group libraries and beta testing of Omeka Everywhere for an archival project

    2. Suzan Alteri and Michelle McClure (University of Florida)

      1. Provided instruction for undergraduate students using Omeka to teach critical thinking skills using primary sources and other special collections materials

    3. Kelli Hansen

      1. Developing workflows to visualize catalog data for over 95,000 items from various collections. Kelli uses Tableau to visualize  the data by authors, date, language, classification number; and Voyant to analyze titles and subject headings.

    4. Gioia Stevens

      1. Working with a collection of 1500 online cookbooks (digitized on Hathi Trust), Gioia will discuss her metadata analysis process using MarcEdit and OpenRefine to create full-text analysis, how she applied topic modeling and constructed data visualizations with Tableau.

    5. Emilie Hardman (Harvard University)

      1. Worked with an undergraduate fellow to study the philosophical commitments of W.V. Quine in his archive, using TEI and Versioning Machine.

  2. Discussion: After the presentations attendees are welcome to ask questions, share their own experiences. We hope the group can explore more deeply how we can all learn from one another's’ failures and successes in the area of digital humanities exploration. Discussion will include how we can utilize tools such as those shared in the presentations to advance scholarship, collaboration, and to gain new knowledge of our special collections. 

Submitted 2016 December 02 by Kristen Mapes and Sara Sterkenburg