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CaMMS Forum, Annual 2016: Increasing Agility in Technical Services: Using the Agile Method for Project Management

Sunday, June 26, 2016
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, US/Eastern

Increasing Agility in Technical Services: Using the Agile Method for Project Management
The 2016 Cataloging & Metadata Management Section (CaMMS) Forum
Some technical services units have begun using Agile development as a means to complete projects. Used in software development, the Agile method uses short, iterative sprints that provide frequent opportunities for feedback and assessment and encourages flexibility for when new variables arise. Come find out more about the Agile method and its use for common technical services tasks during the ALCTS CaMMS Forum at ALA Annual in Orlando, Fl. on Sunday, June 26 from 1:00-2:30 pm in the Orange County Convention Center, Room S330 A-B.
This session will be recorded; recordings will be available to registered attendees of the 2016 Annual Conference or for those who purchase access. Watch for announcements after the Conference is over for access instructions.

ALA decided not to record any of the forums.
·Galadriel Chilton, Ivy Plus Director of Collections Initiatives, Yale University
Using the Scrum Project Management Methodology for Resource Assessment Data Collection and Analysis  
Commonly used in software development, Scrum is a simple and practical project management methodology. This presentation will demonstrate how University of Connecticut’s Licensing & Acquisition’s unit used Scrum for data collection and analysis in preparation for a comprehensive review of e-resource collections. Using Scrum kept the project on task, strengthened the project's deliverables, increased team morale, and resulted in equitable task distribution.
·Maria Collins, Head, Acquisitions and Discovery, North Carolina State University Libraries
Agile Technical Services:  Iterative Strategies to Help Plan, Merge, and Evolve
Through local development efforts at North Carolina State University Libraries (NCSU), such as the development of NCSU's electronic resource management system, E-Matrix, managers in Acquisitions & Discovery were exposed to Agile development methods such as scrums.  This talk will describe the use of scrums and other iterative planning processes that assisted in the recent merger of technical services operations. These processes have also helped with project planning, efficient communication, and decision making.

·Daniel Lovins, Head of Knowledge Access, Design & Development, Knowledge Access & Resource Management Services, New York University, Division of Libraries
Agile Project Management as a key to interdepartmental collaboration within NYU’s Digital Collections Discovery Initiative
Lovins will describe how end-user needs were assessed for an NYU digital collections discovery initiative and how these assessments were translated into functional requirements and work packages using agile methodology. He will also touch on  lessons learned and recommended  next steps, both for NYU and for other institutions engaged in similar efforts.