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ALA ASCLA Accessibility Assembly - June 26, 2016

ALA ASCLA Accessibility Assembly

2016 ALA Annual Conference

Sunday – June 26, 2016 – Orlando, FL

Rosen Centre

Salon 1/2

Rosen Centre, Room Salon 01/02Rosen Centre, Room Salon 01/024:00 PM - 5:30 PM

ASCLA All-Committee Meeting


Welcome & Attendee Introductions

Administrative Housekeeping

Email Addresses – correct emails / official members & Liaisons for ALA & ASCLA

Old Business

Conference Accessibility Task Force – Update & Discussion

New Business

Accessibility Access to Electronic Textbooks – An Overview.  Lisa Wadors (Benetech - Palo Alto, California).

Midwinter Meeting, Atlanta, GA: January 20-24, 2017



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US/Eastern (-5)
Choose Date:June 2016
Sun. 26
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Flights Google (non-member)'s picture

Hello friends, meet again dengangue this time Child
Kepo will discuss Google Aviation Flyers Get Cost Savings Option, do not go - where well read this article because I wrote this article long ago sape out 5 glass
coffee hahah. Hello friends, meet again this time dengangue Kepo Son will discuss Google Aviation Flyers Get Cost Savings Option, do not go - where well then read this article because I wrote this article long ago sape out 5 cups of coffee hahah.

Google is once again updating its Search functionality with the addition of new features under Google Flights search. Now comes with a new tab - Flight Insights - which lets users see suggestions and tips on how they can make their airfare cost-effective. This will include the variations in travel dates, lodging hotels, and airports are the cheapest so make your trip cheaper than usual. This new feature is currently available on mobile and will be rolled out to desktop version later this year.

The new Aviation Insights feature will find out the cheapest days to do before and after the date you enter. It will also display air fares in calendar format so choosing a cheaper travel date can be easier. "Tap on 'Date' to see the combination of calendar date dates with the lowest price highlighted in green and the most expensive in red," Google said in a blog post explaining the process that the same user must follow. In addition, if Friends want to glance at a certain long journey, Friends can see limited time variations in the compact price chart.

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If your air travel also includes hotel stays, Flight Insights will also display hotel and partner rates every week or every month to let you know the cheapest day for check-in. The price graph also shows a price trend for a hotel to show how prices have changed over time. This cost-effective feature also remembers nearby airports that allow users to land on interactive maps, in addition to the estimated travel time between the nearest airport and destination airport.

If your friends are trying to choose a hotel, you can now see hotel prices on the map to identify the best areas and hotels right for your budget and schedule needs You may find this hotel near your museum interested in available at an affordable price " Google.

For which according to my friend about Google Flight Search Get the Cost Saving Option, write in the comment well let geu know heheh.